Dream of: 29 February 1997 "Fallen Buffalos"

While in the House in Patriot, I looked outside and saw some buffalo. When I opened up the door for a moment, a buffalo pushed its way into the House. I tried to shut the door but was unsuccessful. A second and a third buffalo pushed their way into the House before I was able to shut the door.

I called out to another fellow in the House with me to help me do something about these buffalo. Before we could do anything, however, the three buffalo ran up the stairs to the second floor. I followed them up the stairs and tried to herd them around. I finally herded them toward an open window and drove them out the window. The three buffalos jumped out the second floor window to the ground on the outside. As soon as they had jumped, I realized I had made a terrible mistake because the buffalo had probably been badly injured by the fall. I looked out the window and saw all three buffalo lying on the ground. I felt terrible.

I ran back downstairs and the other fellow and I ran outside, where we found the buffalo lying curled up on the ground. I felt awful for having driven them out the window. They probably had broken legs which would mean we would have to kill them immediately. One was shaking and I thought they must all be in terrible pain if they had broken their legs.

I walked over to one buffalo and began feeling the lower part of one leg. I didn't feel anything broken, but when I reached the shoulder area, the bone felt like little marbles or splinters, all crushed, and I knew I must immediately kill this buffalo.

It looked as if all three buffalo would be the same and we would probably have to kill them all. I hated to do, but it looked necessary.

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