Dream of: 22 February 1997 (3) "Visiting Cemeteries"

My father and I were sitting at a kitchen table, discussing his new hobby: visiting cemeteries. My father would apparently just start driving around and when he would come to a cemetery, he would drive through it. He didn't actually get out of the car and look at the graves; he would just stay in the car and drive around in the cemetery.

I told him he ought to take the next step: making copies of tombstones. I knew people would sometimes use large pieces of paper and pieces of carbon to make a copy of a tombstone. In my mind I began to visualize how the paper would be held on the front of the tombstone, and the carbon rubbed over the front of the paper, leaving an impression of whatever had been written on the tombstone.

In my mental image, however, the letters left on the sheet resembled large dark strokes of beautiful Chinese calligraphy. The result was so beautiful, I thought I might even go to a cemetery and myself try to make a copy of a tombstone.

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