Dream of: 19 February 1997 (3) "Cyber-War"

I was watching a scene where a man dressed in a suit – probably a corporate executive – was being shown a vehicle which appeared to be a large red fire engine. It appeared that the man was responsible for donating this fire truck as a gift to the community. It was early in the morning, and the scene was a bit vague and shadowy.

As I watched, I was also thinking about the upcoming war which I knew was about to erupt – a cosmic cyber-war. I was the person who was going to determine when this war would start. I wasn't responsible for the war – it was inevitable that it would happen. I was only responsible for having the war start. It was already determined how I would start the war: I would go to a certain restaurant and eat a certain type of food, thereby initiating the war.

At that time, when the war began, I would also be transformed, into a fighting machine. I could envision how I would be completely clothed in black and silver metal, with many different kinds of weapons attached to me. Clothed in my cyber-warsuit, I would go forth to take part in the war.

I also knew that the fire truck would become part of the equipment in the war, and that it would also be transformed into a fighting machine. It seemed such a contrast to me, to be standing there watching this tranquil scene, where a man was dedicating a fire truck to the community, and thinking that as soon as I ate this breakfast, a new cosmic battle would begin, and that I would be taking part in it.

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