Dream of: 19 February 1997 (2) "Lion Hunter"

Carolina and I were standing on the back porch of a house located in the country. We intended to stay in the house for a while, perhaps even live there. Right behind the house, where we were looking, rose a high hill or mountain. As I peered through the trees which covered the hillside, I caught glimpses of a car moving through the forest. Carolina pointed out to me that there was a road on the side of the mountain. I was disappointed by this news, and I complained that I had wanted to be completely away from any people.

Continuing to peruse the hill side, I noticed some people walking around there, and suddenly, near them, I also saw three lions. One of the lions – a large male with a shaggy mane – suddenly pounced on one of the people – a woman dressed all in blue. The woman struggled as the lion savagely mauled her.

I recalled having heard something or seen a report on television about these lions roaming through the area and terrorizing people. With horror, I watched, realizing I didn't have a gun with which to shoot the lion. If I only had a gun I could help the woman. Feeling as if I just had to do something, I turned and ran back into the house, into the kitchen. I quickly found a small knife with a blade only about five centimeters long and I picked it up. I also garbed two other smaller knives and stuck them in my pants pocket. I ran back outside and toward the hill. Carolina also grabbed something and followed me.

Just as we pulled ourselves up to the spot where we had seen the lion, I saw the lions were already gone. I did however notice a small deer standing quietly nearby. I was concerned about whether I would be able to use the knife on the lion, whether the blade would pierce the lion's tough skin. For a moment I thought I could test the knife out on the deer, to see if the blade was sharp enough to pierce the deer's skin. I quickly decided against that, and I continued looking around for the lion.

A woman was standing nearby, and I asked her what had happened to the lions. By now I realized we were standing inside a huge building, with rooms and corridors going off in every direction. The woman pointed down one hallway and said the lion had gone in that direction. Sensing the right direction, I began running down the long hallway, until I reached a room which some people were exiting. Once the people were out in the hall, I looked into the room and saw the large male lion standing in front of me. It was turned so it was looking away from me and not right at me. I stood in front of it, calculating how I could lunge for it, and stab the knife into the lion's neck. I knew this was going to be extremely dangerous. I wasn't even sure the knife would puncture the lion's skin. And if the knife did pierce the skin, I didn't know if I would be able to pull the short blade and cut the lion's skin. I realized once I had stabbed the lion, the lion would start attacking me. Nevertheless, however dangerous it might be, I was determined to pounce on the lion and stab it.

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