Dream of: 18 February 1997 "The Moving House"

I was staying in a large two-story frame house which somewhat resembled the house Ramo used to live in. I was on the second floor of the house, and it vaguely seemed as if my mother was sleeping in one of the bedrooms upstairs, but I wasn't quite sure. What I was sure of, was that something strange was happening to the house: it felt as if it were moving. When I finally looked out an upstairs window to confirm my suspicion, I could see the marks on the ground where the house had slid a foot or so from where it had originally been sitting.

Alarmed, I stood in the window and watched as the house continued sliding along the ground, picking up more and more speed. My concern seemed well-grounded as I realized the moving of the house was causing a strain on the walls of the house. Suddenly the whole side of the house where I was standing broke off and crashed to the ground. I backed up to safety, realizing that the whole house could come tumbling down, and that I needed to get out of there. I scrambled through the upstairs, looking for my mother. But when I failed to find her anywhere, I hurried outside.

Once I was outside, I still couldn't figure out what was happening. As I looked up into the air, I began wondering if the moving of the house wasn't tied to something I saw in the air: hovering high overhead was what appeared to be a round saucer-style space ship. But what was even stranger, I could clearly see two men floating underneath the space ship. As I focused my eyes, it was almost as if I were looking through binoculars, I could see them so clearly. They were both wearing dark blue suits which seemed to be somewhat inflated. They were floating as if lying on their stomachs, with their arms and legs flayed out. Looking closer, I realized one of the two resembled Brian. I was simply amazed and I didn't know what to think. I couldn't figure out how they could just be floating up there without falling. But I was certainly impressed, and I had the vague impression that perhaps they were going to help me with my problem of the moving house.

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