Dream of: 17 February 1997 "Airplane Crash"

I was riding in a car with my grandmother Mabel and my step-grandfather Clarence. Both appeared quite young, as if they were in their 50s. We were in a city, and my grandmother was driving the car.

As we rode along, I noticed a large passenger airplane flying very low near us. In fact it looked as if the plane was so low that it might crash. The plane swooped down toward the street we were on, going in the same direction as we, right in front of us. It was so low that it almost touched the road, but then it began re-gaining altitude. However, it didn't last long, and once again the plane descended to the road right in front of us. Just as we turned a corner, the plane was so close, that my grandmother actually ran into the back of the plane with our car. However neither the plane nor the car was damaged, and once again the plane began re-gaining altitude.

It looked as if the plane was going to be all right, but suddenly it again swerved back toward the earth, only this time with more speed. I screamed out, "It's going to crash! It's going to be awful! It's going to be awful! It's going to crash!"

And sure enough, about a block and half ahead of us on the road, the plane came down with a terrible crash, with debris flying in every direction. I thought everyone on the plane must have been killed. My grandmother immediately stopped the car and I jumped out. I looked at our bright red car and told Mabel to block the road with it so that no more traffic could pass by. However my grandmother seemed too confused to really know what to do.

I didn't delay, but began running toward the crash site. Almost immediately I began to see debris scattered along the way. It looked like the contents of people's luggage was scattered all over the road. In particular I saw quite a bit of pink tissue paper in the mess. I wondered if there might even be money or coins among the debris. If so, people would probably start picking up the money. I knew that wasn't my intention to do something like that. But I had never been to a crash scene like this, and I didn't know what to expect. Up ahead I could see that the police and other people were already arriving at the crash site, to help any survivors. It now appeared as if there might indeed be some survivors in the wreckage. I hurried along, concerned that by the time I arrived, the scene would be cordoned off, and I would be unable to see or do anything. I picked up my speed, and began running toward the wreckage as fast as I could.

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