Dream of: 16 February 1997 (2) "Brontosaurus"

Another person and I were walking along a path in a mountainous, forested area which had the feel of a theme park, when we came upon a group of teenage boys walking toward us. I had become aware that dinosaurs were to be found in this park, and thus I wasn't particularly surprised when the boys told me that they had found the body of a brontosaurus just up ahead, and they pointed in the direction of the body.

I began peering down the path, and then I saw not far ahead a large dinosaur lying on its back with all four feet stuck straight up into the air. A much smaller, more ferocious-looking dinosaur was lying next to the larger one, but the smaller one was lying on its stomach so I could see its face, which looked as if it might even be alive. I could see that the larger dinosaur had a long neck which disappeared into the underbrush so I couldn't see its head. I had seen many pictures of this type of dinosaur, and I tried to remember its name. It seemed to me that "brontosaurus" might not be the right name, that it might be called something else.

Whatever it was called, I wanted to get a closer look at it, and my companion and I began walking away from the boys, cautiously moving closer to the sprawled-out beast.

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