Dream of: 16 February 1997 "Spawn"

It was late at night and I was in the back bedroom of a house-trailer, when I suddenly realized I had left the front door of the trailer open. As I rose and began walking down the passageway to the front of the trailer, I realized something else: I was Spawn.

I was familiar with the comic-book character Spawn, whom I had found to be one of the most interesting and well-articulated characters I had come across. I was aware that Spawn had been an ordinary man who had died and gone to hell. But he had been able to make a deal with hell, and had been allowed to return to the living world as the character known as Spawn. Spawn had enormous powers, which weren't completely clear to me, powers which Spawn was required to use to gather together souls to transport to hell. And now I was Spawn. I was on earth to collect the dead, and if necessary, to kill people, to bring them back to hell.

I was aware of the enormous power I had within me, aware that nobody could withstand my power. Yet still, my powers were new to me, and as I walked closer to the front of the trailer, I still felt some of the fear of an ordinary person, afraid that someone had broken into the trailer and could be waiting to pounce on me. The fact that, as Spawn, I could easily repel and indeed destroy anyone who could attack me, didn't make my old ordinary fears completely go away.

I knew this trailer was parked in a bad part of town where derelicts and bums were common. It wasn't unlikely that one or more of those miscreants had stolen into the trailer looking for a place to stay. But as I turned the corner into the living room, I saw no one: the room was empty except for furniture.

Still, now more than ever, I felt as if someone else was in the trailer, and I now thought I knew where they were. As I had walked down the passageway from the back bedroom to the living room, I had passed a closed door which led to the bathroom. Now, feeling my power surging within me, I walked back to the bathroom door and stood mightily before it. At the same time I began lowly singing the words over and over, "Hellspawn. Hellspawn. Hellspawn."

I was Spawn and no one could resist me. With a burst of strength I blasted through the door, smashing it to the ground. But I was unprepared. I fell to the ground on top of the door. As I twisted around so I was lying on my back, I felt hands and bodies pile on top of me. It was dark in the bathroom and I couldn't see; all I could do was feel the hands. I knew I should be able to use my power to destroy whoever was on top of me, but a sense of panic began to overtake me. Perhaps I had made a mistake. Perhaps there was a force even greater than myself which I couldn't overcome. Perhaps it was another force from hell itself, greater than I, which was now holding me down. It was so dark, my eyes seemed closed, as I struggled to open them to see this figure on top of me holding me down.

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