Dream of: 15 February 1997 (2) "Tanya"

I had been watching a grizzly series of scenes in which a monstrous creature attacked and killed several men. At the same time I had also been watching scenes showing a young blonde-haired woman who had a striking resemblance to Tanya Harding. Although the two series of scenes meshed together like a movie, the scenes with the woman were more immediate and real to me, as if I had actually been in the presence of the woman. Indeed, I had grown attached to the woman and I actually felt as if I somewhat knew her and as if I cared about her.

In the present scene, the woman was standing at a window on the upper floor of a large white frame house which seemed to be in a lonely country area. Although the light was weak, I could clearly see the woman's face behind the latticed window panes, as she serenely gazed through the window. The scene was so tranquil, I was completely unprepared for what happened next: the monster that had been killing the men began to emerge from the back of the woman's head. Since I was looking at the front of the woman, I couldn't actually see the monster come out, but once it emerged I had a good view of it. It was basically in the form of a large crustaceous-looking centipede about 50 centimeters long and perhaps 15 centimeters in diameter. Its creepy brownish-tan body had apparently forced itself out of the back of the woman's head, where it lived, and it was now ready to go search for more prey. Its many legs, which looked more like the legs of a crab than a centipede, moved jauntily as it slipped down the woman's shoulder and disappeared into the darkness.

I starred in disbelief at the woman. I couldn't put this all together. She still seemed serene, although a little less lively. I wondered if she were now just a shell, and that the monster was actually her life force. Or perhaps she was actually still alive herself, and the monster had somehow simply enslaved her within her own body. I tended to hope it was the latter, and that perhaps somehow the monster could be slain and she could be saved. Because even though I knew a monster lived inside her, I still retained much of my affection for her, and I hoped there was some way that she might be rescued.

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