Dream of: 15 February 1997 "The Balfour Hotel"

As I was walking through the men's department of a large department store, I thought perhaps I should buy some new clothes for myself, but then I remembered that Monday was going to be President's Day, and that almost all the clothes would go on sale. It wouldn't make good sense to buy the clothes today when I could return on Monday and purchase them at a bargain. So instead, I decided to just browse to see what I might be interested in returning to buy on Monday.

I wondered what exactly I would buy. I noticed one shelf appeared to have some books on it and I thought I might be interested in those, but then I remembered I was only concentrating on clothes at the moment. I thought more than anything I needed a couple new suits. In fact I had earlier gone to a rather fancy men's store and had considered buying two new suits. It seemed that I had several court cases which would be coming up soon, and that it was time to break down and shell out the money for the new suits.

As I continued to browse, a man and woman walked past, and for an instant, the woman and I looked at each other right in the face. Both the man and woman were probably in their late 20s, and the woman had long black hair. I thought she was quite attractive and I wished I could say something to her, but I didn't even know her, and they both continued walking and talking. I was however able to hear part of their conversation, which left me with the impression that the two of them hadn't seen each other in many years, and that they had just met again as part of some kind of class reunion.

I continued to follow them with my eyes until once again they walked past me, and once again the woman looked at me in the face. Again they walked on by, but this time they only went a short distance, before the woman turned around and walked right up to me. The man followed her. The woman began talking to me, leaving her companion standing beside her in confused amazement. I asked the woman if she and the man were taking part in a class reunion. She replied that it was indeed a reunion, but not a class reunion. The reunion had something to do with people she had met for the first time long ago, but I really didn't understand her explanation. She did however make it clear to me that although her companion wanted to be with her, she had no desire to be with him.

With little more ado, the woman asked me if I would like to meet her somewhere the following day. I knew it was unusual for a woman to approach me in this fashion, but in this case it felt natural enough. And now that the woman was standing in front of me, she looked better than ever. I replied that I would meet her. She told me she was staying at the "Balfour Hotel," and that I could meet her there. It seemed that I had heard of the Balfour before and that it was a luxurious hotel, but I couldn't quite place it.


I was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car which the woman was driving. Her companion, as well as yet another man, were sitting in the back seat. The woman and I were still talking about our up-coming date, and I told her I would prefer to meet her early in the morning rather than later in the evening. I envisioned spending the whole day with the woman and having a good time with her. I thought we might start out the day with drinks and probably get completely intoxicated on alcohol during the course of the day.

I reflected that it seemed out of character for me to be meeting another woman like this, since I was still married to Carolina. But I knew I had recently had an affair with another woman – a woman whom I planned to see again. So why not see this woman also? Indeed, this might become a regular way of life for me. In fact, thinking of the woman brought back an old memory. I recalled that once I had been alone with Cathy, the wife of my friend Jon. Cathy had hinted that she would like to have a fling with me, but I had refrained from getting involved with her, mainly because I didn't want to get involved with a married woman. But it seemed that my attitude about such matters had somewhat changed, and that having a fling now with this woman wasn't such a bad idea.

The woman was having difficulty driving, and suddenly she swerved the car, narrowly missing something. In the ensuing confusion, her companion from the back seat moved up to the driver's seat, and the woman scooted over next to me. As she did so, she leaned her face close to my ear and began whispering to me. She whispered that when the fellow had moved into the front seat, she had touched one side of his body, and had realized he had some kind of crippling deformity on the left side of his body. I couldn't completely understand the nature of the deformity, but apparently the woman was thoroughly repulsed by it.

I scooted past the woman toward the man. Just as I reached him, he suddenly pressed on the accelerator as hard as he could and began driving like a maniac. I struggled with him, trying to dislodge his foot from the accelerator and wrest the steering wheel from him. As I did so, I was able to open the car door. Suddenly the fellow just seemed to go limp as if he were paralyzed. I managed to stop the car, and without hesitation, I lifted him out of the car and laid him in a ditch beside the road, not actually getting out of the car myself.

Although traffic was all around us, I managed to once again take off. I quickly pulled into a side road, but it turned out to be a dead end, and I had to pull back into the traffic again. Off in the distance I could see a large hotel, and although I didn't think it was the Balfour, I thought I should head there anyway. My main concern now was what to do with the other fellow in the back seat. I was concerned that he might cause me some kind of problem by reporting how I had just left the woman's companion lying beside the road. I thought perhaps I could just drop this fellow off at the hotel; but then he might get the license plate number of the car as we pulled away. I was unsure exactly how I was going to get him out of the car without his being able to get the number of the license plate. Maybe I would just lead him into the hotel, and then abandon him there.

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