Dream of: 13 February 1997 (2) "Where's Carolina?"

On my recent trip to Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico, I had been impressed by the sight of a caravan of around 50 Air-Stream mobile homes being driven by well-heeled Americans who were touring Mexico. Now, Carolina and I were sitting in a vehicle with a man and a woman who owned one of the Air Streams and who were part of the caravan. The man and woman (probably in their early 50s) were sitting in the seat behind Carolina and me, and I asked them how much their three week tour through Mexico had cost. The man told me that the total cost was between $1,700 and $1,800. I was amazed – I could hardly believe it was so cheap.

The man continued talking, and explained that he had been able to afford the trip due to the help of his bankruptcy attorney. I was immediately intrigued by this statement, although I didn't mention to him that I was also a bankruptcy attorney. The man began explaining a complicated scenario whereby he had been able to file bankruptcy and still keep all his property. I asked how it had been possible for him to keep his mobile home, and he explained that he had been able to do so, because the mobile home was in his wife's name.

The wife then chimed in and said that the mobile home was actually in the name of her ex-husband. But she continued to explain that she had an insurance policy for $50,000.00 so that if her ex-husband took the mobile home, she would be able to collect the money. None of this made any sense to me, as I had never heard of these concepts. However I was interested by what they were saying.

The man again spoke up, and mentioned that he had had the flu for four or five months, and this had been the reason that he had had to file bankruptcy. This statement caught Carolina's attention, and she challenged the man. She told the man that no one had the flu that long. The man shrugged his shoulders, as if to admit that Carolina was correct; but he didn't change his story.

I noticed that the vehicle in which we were sitting had started moving, and that a bearded man sitting in a seat in front of Carolina and me was driving the vehicle. I had earlier mentioned that Carolina and I were intending to go to a location called "Cabin's Head," and the man sitting behind us now spoke to the driver, asking if the driver would take us to Cabin's Head. The driver said he would take us there, and he continued driving down the road.

Suddenly I noticed we were crossing a bridge across a very wide river, and I didn't think we were headed in the direction of Cabin's Head. I asked the driver if he were indeed taking us to Cabin's Head, and he replied that he was, but that he was taking a complicated route.

I wasn't completely content with his answer, and I continued to look out at the road ahead of us. I began starring at the road so intently, that I soon found myself sitting right on the front hood of the vehicle, with my legs hanging over the front. I first noticed that it was dark outside, and that the lights of the vehicle weren't turned on. I hollered back to the driver to turn on the lights. He tried to do so, but nothing happened. Then he tried again, and the lights came on. By this time we had crossed over the bridge.

Now I realized something else: I didn't see Carolina anywhere. I thought she had also been sitting on the hood. In fact, I thought she had been sitting on the hood before I had. But now she wasn't on the hood, and when I looked back into the vehicle, she wasn't there either. With a growing sense of panic, I began to worry that she might have fallen off the front of the vehicle and been run over. I turned back to the driver and called, "Where's Carolina? She was in front of me, and then she wasn't."

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