Dream of: 09 February 1997 "Erasing Dreams"

Donna and I were sleeping in the same room together. Before going to bed, we had agreed that if we had any dreams during the night, we would go into the neighboring room to write the dream, as not to disturb the other.

As I was sleeping, I heard Donna get up and go to the next room, and I realized she must have had a dream and written it down. I knew I had also been dreaming, but my dream had seemed so confused, I didn't think I could remember it well enough to write down. Nevertheless, as I thought about my dream, I began to wonder if I had already gone to the next room, written the dream down and returned the bed, and then forgotten I had done so. If I had done so, I thought I would like to erase the dream, because I was convinced it wouldn't have been written correctly, since I couldn't even remember it now.

Trying to recall the dream, I envisioned before me a computer screen containing a list of computer files. As I looked through the files, I found a file which looked like a small brown leather billfold, and I was actually able to pick it up. I thought perhaps the dream was inside the billfold. But just as I picked it up, I heard Donna say something. I understood her to say I couldn't now delete the dream. Taken aback, I began, "Are you saying ...?" I paused. It seemed that the words "Are you saying?" would make a good title for a file. The rest of the sentence would be a question asking Donna whether she was saying I couldn't erase my own dream. The idea that I had somehow lost control of my dreams and Donna could dictate whether I could erase the dream seemed absurd. But at the same time, it seemed possible. I was stunned by the thought.

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