Dream of: 03 February 1997 (2) "Nueces"

Just as I was about to walk out of a building which seemed to be part of a private club, a fellow stopped me and asked me about the ring which I was wearing on my little finger. The ring looked like a large gold high school or college class ring. The fellow thought I had bought the ring to use in a fight which I was going to have that day with yet another fellow. I recalled the fellow whom I was supposed to fight also had a ring. I hadn't bought my ring for the purpose of the upcoming fight, but I was glad this fellow had noticed the ring, and I decided I would like to sit down and talk with him.

We both sat down in chair at a low round table. As soon as I was seated, I noticed my friend Kim (a woman a few years younger than I whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977) also sitting at the table, and I began talking with her instead of with the other fellow. I knew we were in a rural county in Texas, and that I had been living in this county for a while. I was beginning to like living there and I was even contemplating settling down there permanently. I also knew Kim had once lived in a rural county like this, and I tried to recall where that county had been. I asked Kim the name of the county where she had lived, and she said something which I thought sounded like "Nueces." I tried to remember where Nueces county was in Texas. I knew "nueces" was the Spanish word for "nuts," and for a moment I formed a mental image of two black nuts lying on the ground. The nuts reminded me of a man's testes, and I fantasized that some man might have been castrated and the nuts were his testes, lying there on the ground. But the image passed and I again began trying to remember where Nueces county was.

I recalled Kim had lived in the town which was the county seat for Nueces county, and I also recalled she used to like to walk around town by herself. But finally she had given up walking around the streets, and I asked her why she had stopped. She told me she had stopped because someone had started harassing her. It seemed a little strange to think she would quit walking around by herself because when I pictured her in my memory, I pictured her as walking around the streets.

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