Dream of: 02 February 1997 "History Class"

I had come to a college history class which had about five hundred students in it. The professor hadn't yet arrived, and I was simply sitting and thinking about the class. It was about the fourth or fifth week of classes and I thought about how boring the class had become. The professor came to every class and lectured, and no one ever asked any questions. I might start raising my hand and asking some questions, just to get some dialogue going. I might even suggest that everything the professor was saying could just be put on a cassette tape, and that there was therefore no point in coming to class. The point of coming to class should be to talk about the subject.

I thought of Weinstein, and how if he were in the class, he would be the kind of person who would ask a lot of questions to keep the class lively.

However, I was beginning to become concerned, because it was almost time for midterm examinations. I began talking to a girl sitting right across from me and facing me. I mentioned the midterm exams to her and told her I wasn't prepared, that I also had many other classes. It just suddenly hit me how much work I needed to do. I had been going to all the classes and I been paying attention, but I still felt unprepared for the exams.

She said it would be a week or more until exams. She also mentioned that it was customary that if a person couldn't take the history test on the day it was given, the test could be taken the following day and it wouldn't matter. That way a person could have some extra time for the history test. She also mentioned that it made a difference if the student had some Scottish ancestors. Apparently the professor had some Scottish blood in him. I asked her if she had any Scottish blood, and she said no. It was only then that I realized she was half black. It was curious that when I asked her about whether she had any Scottish blood she hadn't mentioned that she was half black, because it was so obvious. Of course it was still possible that even though she was half black she could still have some Scottish blood in her.

I began thinking back on my ancestry. I thought that my ancestors all came from England, and that I didn't have any Scottish ancestors either. So that wasn't going to help me.

As we talked I noticed that sitting right next to me in the chair on my right was Peggy (perhaps 25 years old). I was close enough so that my right hand had grazed her. She had then taken hold of my hand and was now looking at my fingers. She had pulled my hand up to her face and appeared to be smelling my index finger. It had happened so quickly that I hadn't been able to stop her. I was worried that I might have something on my finger. Maybe I had even touched my butt with my finger. However I still didn't think that my fingers should smell bad. In fact my fingers might even smell good, perhaps like cinnamon. But it still concerned me because I couldn't see what my fingers looked like. Maybe I had dirt under the fingernails. I didn't like her scrutinizing my hand so closely without my being prepared for it.

The woman sitting across from me was about 25 with light brown skin. The woman was watching Peggy and me. I knew Peggy had had a crush on me when we had been in junior high school. I had rebuffed her at that time and I had always felt badly about it. So it actually felt good to have her small soft hand holding mine. I had never actually experienced touching her hand before, but after junior high I had always wondered what it would be like. I always regretted the way I had treated her.

I knew Peggy had finally married Clifford. I also knew I had recently talked to her. It seemed that we had talked on the phone, and that she had mentioned that she and Clifford weren't getting along. It sounded as if they might even get a divorce. So things looked as if they were going along quite well now between her and me.

Finally becoming uncomfortable with the way she was holding my hand, I reached around with my hand, put it around her shoulder, and pulled her down. She didn't resist at all, and finally I pulled her head down on the desk so that the back of her head was on the desk and her face was looking right up at me. I was surprised when I realized she wanted to kiss me. I wasn't really prepared. I had been eating something and I tried to swallow everything in my mouth. I first nibbled on her neck a bit, then moved my mouth up toward hers. She resisted at first and she wouldn't open her mouth. Suddenly she opened her mouth and thrust her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue seemed so fresh and lively. I put my tongue in her mouth, but I quickly pulled it back when I realized I did still have some remnants of food in my mouth. It was disgusting to think I would be kissing her while I still had food in my mouth. I quickly tried to swallow everything so I could start kissing her again; she was clearly quite passionate and this was a totally unexpected pleasure.

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