Dream of: 31 January 1997 "Star Trek Titles"

I had been sent to enlist two of the former members of the television series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to return for new episodes of the show. When I found the two men, neither seemed inclined to take up the project again.

Both men weren't much more than 20 years old, and although I found them together, they were clearly not friends, and they were clearly very different from each other. One resembled a young version of Jean Luc Picard (the character played by Patrick Stewart in "Star Trek: The Next Generation"). He was obviously the more intelligent of the two, while the second fellow almost seemed to verge on being retarded. However although the second fellow seemed a bit of a dim-wit, I knew he had some particularly strong mental powers – strange, uncanny powers – which would be invaluable for the proposed project.

I talked with the Picard look-alike while the other fellow stood over to the side. As we talked, I began to show the Picard look-alike a vision of one of the proposed episodes. Everything around us was black, and although we had no movie or television screen, a scene unfolded in both our minds as if we were watching a screen. The scene began with one Federation starship coming into view, slowing to a stop in space. Then a second starship, a third, and many others flew in, all headed to the same location. These Federation starships were followed by spaceships of some of the different groups of other aliens who regularly appeared on the show. Soon dozens and dozens of all sorts of ships were coming into focus, all headed to the same location.

I knew that this particular scene, with all these elaborate space ships, was particularly dramatic, and I was happy to see that the scene was having the desired effect upon my companion. Just by looking at him, I could tell that he was overwhelmed by the thought of all these different ships coming together in one show, and I knew that he would return to the show with me.

As we continued to watch, a word written in white letters flashed before us in the upper left side of our view. It was a long, strange word, and I realized the word was the title of the particular episode which we were watching. Then another different word flashed before us, and another and another. I immediately knew that these were all titles for the upcoming proposed episodes. All the titles seemed strange and unfamiliar, and I was unprepared for so many all at once. I tried to focus on the words, because I knew these words were particularly important to me, because my role in the Star Trek project was closely linked to the words: I who was responsible for understanding the words used for the titles of the new upcoming shows.

To assist me in my understanding of the titles, I had a couple large glossy paperback books which contained information about Star Trek. I also had some loose-leaf white typing papers, and last, I had a black metal three-hole punch which I could use on the typing paper to create my own notebooks of my writings about the Star Trek episodes. I began to gather all these items in my hands, because I knew that it was time for the three of us to head out on our journey together.

For a moment I considered leaving the three-hole punch behind. It would be heavy to carry, and we were all going to be walking. We were going to head deep into the interior of Mexico, and we had more than 1,500 kilometers to walk. (The fact that we had to walk so far was one reason why the other two had at first been so reluctant to go.) On further reflection, I decided I would need the three-hole punch to keep all my papers in order, and even though heavy, I would have to lug it along. Once I had the books and the three-hole punch in my arms, the three of us turned to leave.

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