Dream of: 24 January 1997 "Alleluia"

I was walking along a grassy path with a couple other people, somewhere in the western United States. Although the scene at first seemed tranquil, I soon saw that I was in the midst of a dramatic conflict. Some soldiers, outfitted in the typical blue uniforms of the late 1800s, had set up an ambush, and were firing upon some passing Indians. We had walked so close to the line of soldiers, hidden in some trees along the path, that I could see their triumphant faces and hear their happy voices.

Suddenly I saw something the soldiers hadn't seen: appearing in the forest behind the soldiers, an awesome horde of Indians, who had themselves been lying in ambush, swooped down on the soldiers. As the slaughter of the soldiers began, the outcome was inevitable. In order to avoid being involved, I lay down on my stomach in the underbrush. I lost contact with my other two companions, but I thought they and I would be safe from the Indians, because the Indians were only concerned with killing the soldiers. So as the battle raged just a few feet from me, I tried to remain as calm and silent as I could.

As I began to perceive that the fighting was ending and the Indians were withdrawing, I noticed a couple small diamonds lying on the ground, and I picked them up. I was unsure whether the soldiers or someone else had lost them, but it appeared that no one else would be able to claim them, so I kept them.

When I finally stood up, my surroundings had completely changed. Other people began gathering around me, mostly young people in their teens and twenties, and we all seemed to be in a large gymnasium. I had no idea what was going on, but it appeared that the people were there to practice some kind of dance routine. The people began to form different groups, and about 20 of the people nearest me formed a large circle and included me in it. I noticed that almost everyone in my group was female, except for one or two males. One man was completely naked, a fact which I found somewhat disconcerting; but no one else seemed to mind, and it appeared that clothing was optional.

Two women stood next to me on my right and left, and showed me how to put my hands on their shoulders, while they put their arms and hands on my shoulders, so we could form a circle for the dance. However, as the dance began, I soon realized that although the level of enthusiasm was high, no one really knew what they were doing. We all stumbled along together for several minutes, trying to figure out how to dance together, but the result was little more than pathetic.

As I looked around me, an idea slowly came to me. I closed my eyes, held my breath, and slowly began to rise into the air above the others. I knew I had the ability to float in the air, although I hadn't been using the ability much lately and I was rusty. However now seemed a good time to do so. I had plenty of room in the large gymnasium, and hopefully some of the others would see me and realize that they could also float around the gymnasium. I also thought that I would demonstrate to the others how it was possible to dance in the air. Slowly at first, then more energetically, I began moving my body, and especially my hands and arms, in graceful intricate patterns. I had my eyes closed the entire time, and I didn't know if anyone was actually watching me. But I thought if they were, they would certainly be impressed by the mastery of my dance, as I moved up and down from one end of the auditorium to the other.

I hadn't, however, expected what I heard next. From somewhere came the most beautiful music. It sounded like a harp, but like no harp I had ever heard before. The sound was so intensely beautiful, it sounded like the sound of many different instruments all rolled into one. With the harp music came a chorus of voices singing, "Alleluia! Alleluia," over and over. The singing was likewise intensely beautiful and uplifting, and all the music together seemed to fit perfectly with the movements of my hands and arms as I floated up and down along the width and breadth of the large gymnasium, with my eyes remaining closed the entire time.

Finally, after much dancing, my energy seemed to be waning and I sensed that it was time to descend. I found myself floating toward the ground, thoroughly satisfied with my experience. I wondered if anyone below had been watching, and might also try the floating dance.

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