Dream of: 23 January 1997 "First Contact"

I was either on a very small space ship, or I was thinking about being on such a ship. It wasn't quite clear, but I did know this was the kind of setting I had been trying to incubate in the dream project on which I had been working with Donna Griffiths and John Jacobs (with whom I had been exchanging dreams on the Internet).

At the moment, all my attention was directed towards a round glass portal, about a foot in diameter through which I was looking. Outside I could see the immense black space, filled with white stars. As I continued to look, the portal seemed to take on the shape of a round orb, or crystal ball. Looking more closely, I thought I could see a reflection of myself in the ball, but then I realized I was looking at the face of another man. At first the face looked flat, but then it began to take on three-dimensional characteristics. It features strongly resembled James Kirk (the character played by William Shatner on the television series "Star Trek").

I continued to stare at the face, until suddenly I realized that I wasn't seeing an illusion, but that I was actually looking at the image of a real person. I also realized the person was trying to communicate with me. The realization that this was a real person was a bit startling. I knew that as part of the dream project on which I had been working, we had intended to try to make contact with an imaginary being. But now I clearly saw that an actual person, outside of myself, was somehow communicating with my mind. What I had previously conceived of as part of my imagination wasn't imaginary at all; a real person was actually trying to contact me.

This knowledge left me with an extremely satisfying feeling, because I now saw this person was going to go on a journey with my companions and me. I felt as if I had made my first contact with the person who would now join us on our journey.

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