Dream of: 21 January 1997 "Blindly Believing In A Church"

blindly accepted

beliefs are sometimes the source

of truthful visions 

I had returned for a visit to Portsmouth, Ohio where I had not been for a while. My sister and I were in a car which my father was driving close to downtown Portsmouth. One of them mentioned that a church service was going to be held later that night in a vacant lot on Chillicothe Street, a block west of the Gay Street House. As my father and my sister continued to talk about the church service, I could feel that they were hinting that I might want to go. When they finally came right out and asked if I would like to attend, I answered, "No."

They didn't let it drop; instead, they pressured me, wanting to know why I did not want to attend the church service. I didn't want to proffer my reasons, and I didn't want to discuss the subject, but they insisted, until finally I blurted out, "If you want to go into the details, I will. I think it is foolishness – pure foolishness."

I hadn't wanted to say more, but since they wouldn't leave me alone, I thought I might as well tell them what I thought. The fact was, it bothered me that my own father and sister could believe the lies and nonsense of a typical church in Portsmouth. It was difficult to accept that my own relations had made so little effort to examine the nature of their existence, to search for the truth, and that they were willing to complacently accept the tenets and beliefs of some church. To me, this was the mark of a fool, to so blindly accept lies as the truth.

Unfortunately I knew talking with them or confronting them on this issue did absolutely no good. Their intransigence made them so foolish in my eyes; they blindly accepted their so-called faiths, and they had no intention or desire of ever examining their lives more at length to search for the truth. So much of their lives was wasted on believing falsehoods, I felt confounded that they could be so foolish to embrace these beliefs. If they would only open their eyes a little and think about the nature of things, they should be able to see their error.

I couldn't talk with them about these matters, however, because they had no desire to open their eyes. Dialogue over the matter was pointless. Only because they were pressuring me had I even said anything at all.

Dream Commentary of July 17, 2016

Although no certain proof may exist of life after death, the wisdom in the belief in such life echos both in churches and on the Dream Journal.

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