Dream of: 19 January 1997 "The Other Space Movie"

As I was sitting alone in a room which seemed to be in a school library, a fellow with long blonde hair (probably in his early 20s) walked up and told me he was getting ready to go to a recording studio where he sometimes worked, and he asked me if I would like to go with him. Without hesitation I stood up and left with him.

He took me to the studio, and once we were inside, he introduced me to several other men who were in a band and were getting ready to have a recording session. They were all quite friendly and all of them shook my hand. Altogether probably 20 people were in the room who were going to take part in the recording session, and each person seemed to have his separate job to perform. When they were ready to begin, I walked over to the side and sat down at a table.

Lying on the table was a technical manual or magazine which I opened up and looked at. On the page I opened was an picture of an elaborately intricate electronic machine somehow used in the production of music. Without a second thought, I picked up a white piece of paper and a writing instrument which was something like a silver magic marker, and I began drawing a picture of the music machine on the paper. Even though the machine was very detailed, with wires, knobs, compartments, etc., I was able to draw the machine almost perfectly. I myself, having never been gifted as a drawer, was amazed by the accuracy of my drawing. It was stunning to see that I had been able to draw such an excellent picture. Another fellow walked up, looked at the picture, and likewise expressed his amazement at the drawing.

At the same time, the band began to play. They started with a song by the old rock and roll band, Steppenwolf. The song was rather rough, but the vitality was still there, and I thought since they were still practicing, it was to be expected that the song wouldn't sound perfect. And even though the song had flaws, I still enjoyed it, and I wondered if I would be able to come back to this place again in the future. I noticed that the fellow who had brought me had left, and I was a little unsure of my status at the moment. But I did know I liked it there, and I hoped I would be able to return.

As the band played, I turned the page of the magazine, which seemed to be about music, but also seemed to have some kind of futuristic space theme in it. I wanted to find another picture in the magazine to draw. But the next page contained letters from people who had written in to the magazine. The first letter was from someone complaining about a musical system called "Murata." The reader wrote that he had bought the Murata system four years ago because he had read an article about it in the magazine. But now the Murata system had been discontinued, and the writer was upset because he thought he had been given bad advice by the magazine. I turned the page, uninterested in the letters, preferring to look for pictures which I might be able to draw.

The next page was much more to my liking. Spread out on a double page was a large interesting picture. In the picture were hundreds of robots, most of which resembled the metal robot known as C3PO in the "Star Wars" movies. There were many different colors of the robots, and all the robots of one color were standing together in groups. It rather looked like a large class-picture, with each different group of robots pressed together.

The scene was obviously in an unpopulated area, with tall green mountains rising in the background, and green space off to the right and left of the picture. The whole picture was visually quite dramatic, what with hundreds of robots just standing there in such a tranquil-appearing location.

I flipped the page, curious for an explanation of the picture. The following page contained an article about the picture. I quickly glanced over the article, trying to glean what it said. The article began with the words, "This is the home of" – and then went on to explain that the picture showed the place where the robots stayed. The article spoke of "the other space movie," and I was quickly able to gather that all these robots had been used in some grand science fiction movie. This surprised me, for I thought I had seen all the important space movies; but clearly I hadn't seen this one. Obviously "the other movie" to which the article referred was "Star Wars," the most important of all space movies. But I had no idea what this movie with all these robots could have been. Was it possible that there was an important space movie out there which I hadn't seen?

The article went on to say that these robots had been stored at an undisclosed location somewhere in the French Alps. I flipped back to the picture and looked at it more closely. Obviously a rural area, there were no other buildings in sight except a few structures right behind the robots. Clearly the robots could be easily stored there without detection. I wondered where exactly the location was. Perhaps it was actually somewhere in the French Alps. But even more, I wondered what the movie was that I had never seen. Perhaps the movie had been made in France and I had never heard of it.

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