Dream of: 17 January 1997 "Addams Family"

I was at a large gathering of people, perhaps at a luxury hotel. I had a connection with these people, but I hadn't yet quite figured out what the connection was. As I walked around among them, I tried to find someone I recognized, and finally I saw some people standing in front of me whom I recognized: Gomez Addams (the character played by John Astin in the television series "The Addams Family"), his wife Morticia Addams (the character who had been played by Carolyn Jones) as well as other members of the family. I looked at them and tried to comprehend. They all looked exactly as they had looked in their television series back in the 1960s. I couldn't understand how they could have managed not to have aged any after all these years.

What was even stranger about them was the way they moved: they were walking toward me down a low flight of stairs, but they all stayed in exactly the same position in regard to each other, almost as if they were a flat piece of cardboard moving down the stairs. Only when I finally walked right up to them did they seem to take on individual personalities and movement.

They all gathered around me and began talking, as if we were old friends. I didn't know quite what to say. Of course I knew who they, but I didn't recall having ever established any close connection to them, and I felt a bit uncomfortable trying to act as if I knew them well. So I only stayed with them for a short while, and then once again I began circulating.

It only took a few moments before I met someone else who apparently knew me. Two women (probably in their mid 40s) had walked up and greeted me in a familiar and cordial manner. One had blonde hair and the other black hair. The blonde-haired woman was dolled-up as best she could, and I found her somewhat pretty, yet I wasn't particularly attracted to her. She began talking and continued non-stop, until finally, in a flash, I realized who she was: my old junior high classmate, Mary.

Now things were beginning to make more sense. I knew I had gone to junior high and high school with Mary, and that we had graduated together. It now finally became clear to me that I was at a class reunion. Taking a closer look at Mary, I remembered her now more clearly. I recalled that she had always been a rather short, plain girl to whom I had never been in the least attracted. Once in high school, however, she had had a crush on me, and I had quickly rebuffed her, probably badly hurting her feelings. Now that I looked at her as a mature woman, I could see that my feelings for her were about the same: I felt no attraction for her, but I felt well-disposed toward her in a friendly way.

In fact, I now recalled that over the years I had had quite a few dreams about Mary, and that I had written many of those dreams. I also recalled I had thought that when I finally went to a class reunion I would assemble those dreams and show them to Mary when I saw her at the reunion. Actually I had thought I would assemble the individual dreams of each of my high school classmates about whom I had dreamed, and I would give the dreams to each classmate at the reunion. Now, however, here I was at the reunion, and I didn't have the dreams with me. I thought that was a shame, but there was nothing I could do about it now. Having little else to talk about with Mary, I turned my attention to her black-haired companion.

Now here was a completely different story. I immediately felt an almost overwhelming attraction for this woman. I couldn't place her – it seemed as if I remembered her from high school, but I couldn't be sure. At any rate, she and I quickly fell into a conversation, and I was amazed at how we just seemed to click, as if we intimately knew each other. This was all the more surprising because the woman was the same age as I. I had developed a long history of being with women much younger than myself, to such an extent that I had come to believe that women my own age weren't attractive. I had found that I had little to say to women my own age, as if such conversations were dull and boring.

Nothing about this woman was dull and boring. In fact I found that talking with her was like a great release, as if I had some pounding need to communicate with someone like her, someone more on my own level. Our conversation seemed so lively, yet relaxed and without any pressure. I couldn't get enough of her.

Besides that, she looked terrific. She was as tall as I and had a full body, though not overweight in any way. Her breasts didn't appear to be as firm as those of a 20 year-old, but they were no less attractive. Overall, I found her body to be actually more enticing than that of a younger woman, and she seemed to enjoy being with me.

She and I soon found ourselves standing alone, talking to each other. Our conversation turned to Mary, and the woman mentioned the problem Mary had with her reputation. The woman wasn't talking maliciously in any way about Mary, but just mentioned the problem casually, as if it was something everyone knew. I didn't know what she was talking about and I asked the woman to clarify what she was saying.

The woman then told me a story about how Mary had once been involved in an orgy. Apparently one morning Mary had had sex with dozens of men, and then later in the same afternoon, she had again had sex with all the men again. Apparently this wasn't something that Mary ever did again, but everyone had learned of this incident, and Mary's reputation had been forever ruined.

To myself I thought this didn't seem like such a major matter, although I could see how a person's reputation could be damaged by such a thing. I recalled that when I had been in my late teens, I had been involved in several wild orgies. Being male, however, my reputation hadn't been damaged, and I didn't recall any adverse effects. Still, the fact that I had been in those orgies wasn't something I wanted to now bring up with the woman.

By now the woman and I were standing off to the side by ourselves where no one could see us. Sensing that she was also attracted to me, I pulled her to me and began kissing her. She responded, and we were soon engaged in a passionate embrace. I could hardly believe how good she could kiss. Who would have thought that a woman my own age could be so sexy? I was overcome. I knew we needed to get out of this place and go somewhere where we could be alone. Sensing that she was willing to go with me, I led her to the door and we stepped outside.

We quickly walked to my vehicle, a nice pick-up truck, and I opened the door. As soon as I did so, I looked in the area behind the seat, and I noticed that some things belonging to my wife Carolina were lying there. These things hit me like a brick: I had completely forgotten that I was married. What was I doing? Here I was with another woman, getting into exactly the kind of situation which I had studiously avoided. What was more, I felt confused by this new woman, and her age seemed a big part of the confusion. Carolina was almost 20 years younger than I, and I had always been happy with her, but now I felt equally attracted to this older woman. I felt split, as if I were now in love with two women, and I didn't want to leave either of them. I certainly didn't need this – but here it was, and I didn't know what to do.

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