Dream of: 16 January 1997 "French Politics"

My wife Carolina and I had been arguing about moving to Paris. She didn't want to go, and I did. Finally, I decided that I was simply going to have to leave her and move to Paris alone. I knew this would be a difficult decision, that after being in Paris a few days I would start to miss her. And if we separated permanently, there was the question of what to do with the house. I thought we would have to sell it and divide the money. It would all be such a mess, I hated to think about it. But I wanted to live in Paris so badly, I didn't see any other choice.

I wasn't even sure what I would do in Paris. But as I pondered the question, a thought came to me. I thought I might be something like a newspaper reporter, and that I would specialize in French politics. I would immerse myself in French politics and become familiar with the most important politicians. I would learn all about the French parliament and who its members were. When a bill came up for vote, I would know which way each member was going to vote. This information would be invaluable to people in other countries, people who didn't speak French or who weren't familiar with French politics.

My imagination became so vivid, I seemed to be in the midst of a group of politicians, discussing political matters with them. My French was quite good, although I still had trouble with some words. In my conversation I began talking about how the French were much more interested in politics than Americans, and I said that Americans were only one tenth as interested in politics as the French. But as I spoke, I was uncertain of the word for "one tenth." The word I used was "decieme." It seemed correct, but I was uncertain.

Just as I was making this little speech, in the crowd around me, I noticed Kennon (a Fort Worth attorney). I knew Kennon was just passing through and didn't actually live in France. I hoped he would be impressed when he saw that I had finally managed to leave Texas and had moved to Paris. I knew that he himself would always be stuck in Texas, and I felt happy that I had been able to escape.

Still, I knew the career of political consultant was uncertain, and I might have to end up doing something else. I thought it would always be possible to work in a law office. I wouldn't actually be able to practice law, since I wouldn't be licensed to practice French law. But I would still have the basic know-how to be able to do legal work in a law office. Of course I would be unable to make nearly as much money as I could make practicing law in Texas. But money wasn't my most important concern, and one way or another, I felt as if I would be able to find something to do in Paris.

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