Dream of: 13 January 1997 "Life Of Lenin"

I was reading a book which was supposed to have been written by a revolutionary writer from Russia, a man named Pushkin; the book seemed to be about the life of Lenin, and I began to think that the book might have actually been written by Lenin. But I had just started the book, and I wasn't yet sure what it would be about. But at least I thought I knew who Lenin was.

At the beginning of the book were some actual words which Lenin had once spoken at the beginning of an actual revolution. A man had been serving directly under Lenin, and Lenin had given him some orders. The exact words which Lenin had used in the short discussion were given in the book. The man had then gone off and written down exactly what Lenin had said. The book said that these were the first words that were ever recorded that Lenin had spoken. The book said that it had never happened before, and never happened again, that someone wrote down the actual language that Lenin had used.

I was lying on a bed as I was reading. I stood up from the bed. I needed to urinate, and I walked over to the door. I opened the door to the outside and looked out. I realized I was in a little shack on the bald hill behind the Gallia County Farmhouse. I could look down and see the Farmhouse below. I thought my grandmother Mabel and my step-grandfather Clarence were probably asleep down in the Farmhouse. Although it was late at night and dark, I could see all right. But I thought if I needed to get hold of them for some reason, it would be difficult. I thought I could use my gun and shoot down toward the house; but that would be difficult – gas tanks were down by the Farmhouse. I was sure that whoever was in the house wouldn't appreciate my shooting down there anyway. I concluded that I was simply on my own on top of the hill.

Continuing to look around, I noticed a small road which led up the hill. The road was somewhat grown over. As I stood there, I heard some growling going on somewhere. At first I thought it was my two Dalmatians, Picasso and Chaucer. But then I realized it was some kind of animal in the bushes beside the road. But it was late at night and I thought it was probably the kind of thing that when on out there late at night when no one was around.

I kept looking in the direction of the growling until I was able to see something moving in the bushes. I felt uneasy standing there. I wanted to go back inside the shack and close the door. It was spooky standing out here, with no one around, and something growling in the bushes. It didn't feel quite right.

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