Dream of: 12 January 1997 (2) "Waterworld"

I was watching a movie called Waterworld on television. The scenes were so vivid, that it seemed as if I were actually part of the action, and I often forgot that I was actually watching a movie. I had expected the movie to be the futuristic one with the actor Kevin Costner, a movie which I had already seen. But as the action progressed, I realized this movie was nothing like Costner's Waterworld.

This movie was about a theme park to be built in the ocean. The park was going to be enclosed in a gigantic square structure which would somehow sit over the water.

During one scene, I sat on the floor and listened to executives who were discussing how they would build the Waterworld theme park. In my hand I was also holding a small plastic model – about 20 centimeters square – of the structure which would enclose the theme park. As the executives described the giant building, I realized they were saying that there would be hinge-like devices along one vertical corner, which would allow the inner part of the building to swing open out over the water. I also saw that my little model had similar hinges, and I was able to swing open the interior of the building. In my mind I could visualize the huge building, similar to my model, swinging open over the water, and I thought it was indeed going to make a fascinating structure.

But as the movie proceeded, I realized the plot actually had little to do with the theme park itself. The movie was actually about one group of men trying to take over the directorship of Waterworld from the present group of directors. To accomplish this, the upstart group of men began killing the present directors.

I witnessed one scene where one of the directors was walking through a crowded hall, and was shot by a man with a gun with a silencer on it under his coat. A policeman was even present, but no one knew who had fired the shot, and the assassin escaped.

But the second murder I witnessed was far worse. One of the directors was thrown from the window of a tall skyscraper. He must have been more than a hundred stories high, because the fall seemed interminable. The camera stayed focused on the falling man floor after floor as he plummeted, twisting and turning, toward the ground. It was almost as if I were falling with him, and I braced myself for the shock of the body smashing into the ground, thinking what a bloody mess it would be.

The body actually striking the ground, however, was never shown, and the movie went on, to the following scenes. By now I began to realize that I was thoroughly involved in the action, much more so than I wanted to be. I began to feel as if I were being implicated in the murders of the two men, as if I had somehow been involved, and I feared that I was going to be charged with the murders. This was confusing me because I realized I had witnessed the murders, and I did know how they had been committed. And it even seemed as if I might in some way be responsible. But I was still unwilling to concede that point, and I began thinking of how to extricate myself from this predicament.

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