Dream of: 12 January 1997 "Escape"

I had arrived at a high school which I was attending, and as I entered through the large doors, I realized I was wearing a red cap. This was out of character for me, for I normally didn't wear a cap. I didn't know if it was even allowed to wear a hat in the school; and I saw other fellows taking off caps as they left the school. So I took the hat off.

With cap in hand, I headed toward my locker, and just as I reached it, a boy who looked exactly like Zachary Brock (the character played by Adam Wylie on the television series "Picket Fences") walked up to me and grabbed the cap out of my hand. I knew him, but not well, and I finally concluded that the cap must belong to him, and that he must have left it at my house. I felt bad that I had lost the cap to him; but I concluded it must be his and I didn't protest.

I was feeling depressed as I pulled some books out of my locker. The end of the year was approaching, and I had skipped quite a few classes during the year. This was my last year of high school. I had originally thought graduating made no difference -- it seemed as if I had already gone to college anyway -- but now I realized receiving my high school diploma was important. In particular I needed to pass a psychology class in order to obtain my diploma.

As I closed my locker and began walking away, I realized I hadn't made any friends while I had been in school, that I didn't even know anybody at the school. I thought I didn't really fit in with the other students.

As I walked along the hall, I passed a long glass counter (like a counter from a jewelry store, set up right here in the hall) with a black girl standing behind. I thought it strange that a jewelry counter would be set up in the hallway, but I figured things had changed since I had been in school, and kids must be into things like that now.

Two girls standing in front of the counter were looking at the jewelry inside. One girl was talking about a dance she was planning to attend. The second girl told the first girl to "wear her 1910." I thought she must be referring to a piece of jewelry which had been made in 1910.

I continued walking and headed down some stairs, still finding the whole place depressing. As I walked down the stairs, I heard a black girl reciting a little poem, a little ditty. I heard the word "escape" and another word which rhymed with "escape." The poem wasn't very good, but at least it was something.

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