Dream of: 25 December 1996 "News Broadcasts"

I was watching a television show in which the Dallas Cowboys football player Emmit Smith was being interviewed. As Emmit spoke, scenes from football games in which he had played were shown on the screen. It was evident from the film footage that Smith was a good player. But that didn't keep Smith from piling praise upon himself. Smith bragged that almost every time that Dallas got the ball, he was able to make a touchdown. His statement seemed extraordinary to me, but from the film I was watching, it appeared that Smith might be correct.

Some of the film showed Smith playing on a snow-covered filed. Indeed, the field looked more like a ski slope, and scenes were shown of Smith leaping off the side of the slope and rolling down the hill through the snow. These scenes were the most pleasurable for me, for it seemed as if I was able to vicariously experience the exhilaration of rolling through the snow. It was quite enjoyable.

The scene on the television changed to a news broadcast. A report was being shown of a recent flood which had unexpectedly overcome a small sea-side town. Pictures of groups of animals clinging to some floating object, such as an old tire or piece of wood, flashed across the screen. There was even an underwater shot of a whale. But I thought to myself that the whale was in no danger, and that the whale was probably only there to eat some of the animals which had been washed into the water.

The camera then showed rescue scenes. It looked as if most rescues were of animals. One man was shown in a boat holding on to several animals which he had rescued. As the boat passed under a tree, another large animal – which looked something like an opossum only much larger – fell onto his back, and clung to the man. It was a particularly poignant scene, and it seemed to me that I had already scene a picture somewhere of this very same thing.

The broadcast then showed the dramatic rescue of a woman. I couldn't see it clearly, but it appeared that she was being pulled out of some icy water by a helicopter. She appeared to be completely naked. She was next shown giving an interview. She talked about how foolish she had been not to have left her home when she had first heard news that the flood was coming. Apparently she had lost everything she had had, but at least she was still alive.

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