Dream of: 24 December 1996 "Deer"

I was sitting beside an isolated dirt road in a dense forest. The serenity of the scene was broken by a sound behind me to my right, and I turned to see – to my surprise – four deer standing near me. I immediately saw that one of the deer was a large buck – although he had no antlers. The other three were clearly does. One doe looked as if she were several years old, while the other two looked as if they were little more than fawns.

I looked back farther into the woods to see if any more deer could be seen. I saw another animal there, and at first I thought it was also a deer, but upon closer scrutiny, I saw that the animal was a cow. I thought that deer sometime associated with cattle when people weren't around, and that the cow had simply been following along with the deer. But the cow didn't come any closer to me and stayed in the woods.

I thought the deer would run as soon as they saw me. But instead they came even closer. Then the buck mounted one of the younger does, as if he were going to have sex with the doe. The buck humped the doe a few times, but it didn't actually have sex, then finally dismounted.

All four deer then walked right over next to me and lay down so close to me that I could actually touch them. What was more, I began to feel that the deer and I were actually communicating with each other, that they were talking with me and that I was talking with them.

As we communicated, it became clear that the major concern of the deer was hunters, and that the deer hoped that I would protect them. I myself began trying to think what it must be like for hunters to kill deer. The hunters had no conception of the deer as a sentient being. For instance if this buck which was with me were to be killed by a hunter, the three does would be devastated. This little group of deer had strong emotional bonds to each other, and the horror of having the buck killed would terrify the three does, who would run wildly into the woods, lost from each other, if such a thing were to happen.

The deer trusted me, and communicated with me, because they knew I was no danger to them. However I was uncertain that I would be able to protect them from the hunters. It was something I wanted to do, but I was uncertain that I would be able to.

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