Dream of: 16 December 1996 "Floating Down The Road"

My life had taken a confused, wayward turn. It seemed that my wife Carolina had left me, and only after she had gone did I realize how much I had really loved her. Without Carolina, my life seemed empty and I saw no hope of ever finding anyone else to love. I reflected that I had been in love several times in my life, and each affair had ended the same. It was as if I had finally run out of chances, and I didn't believe I would ever try to fall in love again.

In my disoriented state, I had moved to Columbus, Ohio. I had just arrived in Columbus the day before, and was still in the process of finding a place to live. Although I had spent the night at a small unfurnished apartment, it wasn't clear whether I had actually rented the apartment yet. So when some old friends showed up at the apartment, and when they wanted me to go with them, I was still uncertain whether I should leave, because I thought I still needed to complete the paperwork for obtaining the apartment. However, after talking with my friends, I realized I also had important business with them, and we all boarded a car and left; I sat in the front passenger seat.

The friends were Buckner and Walls who looked as if they were still in their early 20s. Also with them was a black fellow who was about the same age. I didn't know the black fellow well, but I felt an immediate rapport with him, and I was glad he was with us.

We began talking about our business. We were planning to ship a large amount of marijuana from Texas to Ohio, about 250 pounds. There would be 50 separate packages, and each package would weigh five pounds.

I was rather concerned about the operation, realizing the danger involved. The plan was still amorphous in my mind, and I needed to know much more detail about how the shipment would take place. I was also concerned about whether I could trust the others who were involved in the operation. I now realized yet another fellow was in the car with us, a fellow whom I didn't even know. Apparently Buckner and Walls knew him, and they had decided to bring him in on the deal, but I reflected that this was exactly the kind of fellow who could turn out to be a nark. I could be sure of Buckner and Walls, because I had known them practically all my life, but this new fellow was an unknown quantity, and I was nervous about him.

As far as Buckner went, I thought I should also talk to him about an agreement between us that if one of us should get caught, we wouldn't rat out the other one. I knew one of the biggest problems in these kinds of deals was that if one person was caught, he could tell about all the others.

I asked if anyone had any marijuana with them, and the black fellow pulled out a joint, lit it and handed it to me. I took a hit, and then another; almost immediately I began to feel the effects. It had been so long since I had smoked any marijuana, I had forgotten what it was like, but now I once again remembered that it was one of the most pleasurable feelings in the world. I suddenly felt extremely peaceful; my nervousness and fears vanished. The car seemed to be floating down the road instead of rolling along on the road. The countryside around me took on a beautiful, serene aspect.

I turned to the others and said, "I like marijuana more than anything in the world."

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