Dream of: 13 December 1996 "Space Ship In The Future"

Another fellow and I were riding around on a space ship. We were sitting in the ship's cockpit, which was about the size and shape of the front seat of a car. I was sitting in the driver's seat, while the other fellow was sitting on my right.

We had arrived in a city on earth, at some point in the future. We were now flying – about five meters off the ground – through the streets of the city, which was a bleak and somber affair. As we flew around, I thought I recognized the city as London, and I looked for landmarks. But everything looked so strange, and it appeared that the city might have been bombed out. I was unable to see anything I recognized. Nevertheless, I found the sights to be quite interesting, and I was having a good time.

As we flew along, I noticed that another person sitting on the other side of the fellow next to me, and yet a fourth person sitting on the other side of the third person; but the fourth person was sitting on the outside of the vehicle. The fourth person outside the ship was a woman (about 50 years old). I finally realized the woman was the mother of the fellow who was sitting next to me and that the third fellow was a robot, who looked exactly like the robot "Bishop" (played by Lance Henriksen in the movie Aliens)

I was unsure how the third fellow had gotten into the vehicle. The woman began talking about how the robot protected the man who was sitting next to me. The woman said that the robot had protected the man since the man had been a little boy, and she suggested that we now take the robot with us. I noticed that although the woman seemed to think the man next to me was her son, he didn't act as if he were her son. Actually he acted as if he didn't want to have anything to do with her. When I suggested that the woman also go with us (because it was such a desolate place), the man said that the woman couldn't go because he couldn't tolerate her eating habits (apparently she made loud noises when she ate). Since we were confined in such a small area in the space ship, the man didn't want the woman to go with us.


Our spaceship was in outer space, high above the planet. The robot was still with us. But now I was concerned with something else: the ship itself had a voice and was talking with me. The voice was talking about a new invention which we should try to obtain while we were here in the future. The invention concerned a computer disk which had two sides. One side of the computer disk had to be periodically "boosted." It was important that when the one side of the disk was boosted, that the second side not be boosted at the same time. With the invention, we would always be able to boost one side of the computer disk without boosting the other side. The voice was telling me that I should obtain this invention.

I looked out the window, wondering if we should go back down to the planet to try to obtain the invention. Suddenly I realized the robot, which had come with us, was no longer here. Somehow he had just disappeared off the ship. I sensed that the robot had gone back down to the planet, and had become involved in something very serious on the planet. From where we were, I looked down at the planet and could see flashes of red on the surface. The surface was quite strange, like a labyrinth of lines, and some of the lines were beginning to glow.

I began to conclude that the robot had returned to the planet and had taken some kind of special gun with him. I thought the robot had then started a conflict on the planet. Now the flashes were part of a vast war which was taking place on the planet.

Our orbit was beginning to go closer and closer to the planet. I could see a second ship which was rising up toward us. But the second ship also seemed somewhat like a mirage, without really being there. Nevertheless, I thought the robot might be on the other ship. I thought that when the ship got closer to us, we might be able to take the robot off the ship, and might still be able to save him. I thought the robot had known what he was doing, and that he had been involved in some kind of good and important work. I would like to try to save him. However I was unsure whether I would be able to save the robot.

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