Dream of: 07 December 1996 "Going Crazy"

I was sitting at a desk, reading a book, in a room in a house where I was living. The desk was the type I used to have in study hall in high school. My father walked in and asked me why I had the light on – he didn't want it on. Although it was still daytime, I couldn't see without the light. Only a small sliver of daylight fell onto my side of the room; I would have been better off on the other side of the room, where the light from outside was falling. When he turned off the light, I said, "Now I can't even read."

He walked out of the room and my mother walked in. I told her what had happened and that I was going to turn on the light anyway. I turned the light on and my father (perhaps only 40 years old) walked back in. He was wearing a long black robe, something like a priest might wear. 

I picked up a heavy empty glass, threw it at him and hit him in the leg. He immediately reacted, heading toward me. I thought he was going to try to kill me. He jumped on me, but I was able to get the upper hand and push him down on his back. He tried to bite my hand and I was forced to try to keep my hand out of his mouth. I hollered to my mother, "Mom, get somebody over here. This guy's going crazy."

I thought a preacher was nearby who might be able to talk to my father. Obviously he was out of his mind and going crazy.

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