Dream of: 26 November 1996 "Business Class"

I had arrived at a school which strongly resembled Grant Junior High School. I had gone to a large well-lit classroom in the basement where students were already sitting at long cafeteria-style tables; it looked as if the class was about to begin. I had previously attended a class in this room, and I saw that the tables were now arranged differently than they had been the last time I had been there. I also saw that the teacher was different than the one I had expected. I had anticipated that the teacher would be a portly black woman. Instead I saw a middle-aged white woman standing at a podium in front of the class, getting ready to start the class.

As I looked around the room, I was self-conscious of the fact that my belt was unbuckled. I had pulled out the tee shirt I was wearing so that the shirt was hanging over the front of my pants and covering up the belt, so no one could see it; but it still bothered me. I wasn't quite sure why I had unbuckled the belt, except that it had felt uncomfortable. I just hoped that my pants would stay up without it.

As I looked around the room for a place to sit, I saw that only one row along the far side of the room still had available seats. But I noticed that there appeared to be another room (perhaps a library) right next to this one, with no wall separating the two rooms, and it looked as if the empty row of seats was actually in the other room. Looking again around the room, I finally saw an empty seat in one of the middle rows, and I headed for it.

Almost as soon as I had sat down, the teacher began talking. She walked along the rows, repeating people's names. I was surprised when she passed me and spoke my name; I hadn't thought she knew who I was, and I wondered if she had had a picture of me to identify me.

The teacher wasted little time in getting to the lesson, which apparently had to do with business. The teacher called on a black girl sitting not far from me, and asked her a hypothetical question about buying a business. The girl gave some kind of adequate response, but then the girl also added something about the dog of one of the employees. I looked incredulously at the girl and at the teacher. The teacher immediately chided the girl for bringing personal matters into the business forum. But the teacher didn't stop there. She also chided the rest of the students in the classroom, pointing out the fact that almost everyone in the classroom was overweight. I looked around and realized the teacher was right. Most students were black, and all were bulging out of their clothes. I also felt overweight, and I reached under my shirt and clandestinely buckled my belt.

As the lesson continued, it became necessary for each of us to listen to a cassette, and we were each supposed to have our own cassette players. I actually had a whole box of old cassette players, although I was uncertain that any of them worked properly. I tested one, hooking up the ear phones and putting them on my head. I could clearly hear the sound, but I was concerned that the ear phones weren't working correctly and that other people could also hear the sound. I took the ear phones off to see if I could still hear the sound. I could still hear it, but I thought it might still just be coming from the earphones. It was difficult for me to tell exactly where the sound was coming from.

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