Dream of: 25 November 1996 "Un-Needed Medicine"

I was with two girls (both 18-19 years old); one was my sister (not my actual sister) and the other was black. We were in a small house, and we needed to leave to go to another location, but I had a couple problems with leaving. First, I knew the police had been following me in connection with some crime which they were trying to pin on me. Second, the black girl had some kind of medical problem, and she had some medicine which had been prescribed for her. The problem was that her medicine looked exactly like marijuana. It was even in a baggie and looked like about a half ounce of pot. Naturally I was concerned that if we had some kind of problem with the police, the police would find the medicine and conclude that it was marijuana.

Despite these problems, it was important for us to leave and go to the other location, so we began getting ready to go. I decided it would be best if I carried the baggie of medicine, and I crammed it into my left back pants pocket. The three of us then climbed into the car, with me driving, and we took off.

We hadn't gone more than a block when a policeman standing in the road flagged us down to pull over. I did so and the policeman immediately came up to the car and told us to get out. At the same time I saw that several other police cars were parked around us, and I realized the police had just been waiting for us. I recognized the policeman who had flagged us down: he was the one who had been following me. I was surprised to see that he had staked out the house where we had been. I hadn't expected him to be that close.

My first concern was the baggie of medicine in my pocket. I almost pulled it out, thinking I would try to explain what it was, but on second thought I concluded that pulling out the baggie wouldn't do any good, so I thought I would just wait for the policeman to find it. He told me to turn around and he began frisking me. I could feel his hands touch me, but I was surprised when he finished without having touched my left rear pocket. He had completely missed the baggie.

I turned back around toward him and I could see that he was disappointed that he didn't have any reason to arrest me. He made it clear that he would now search the house which we had just left, and that I would continue to be under surveillance. With that, the two girls and I got back into the car and I drove off.

I couldn't believe my good luck. I had already been thinking of what I would do if I had been arrested. I thought bail would have been around $1,000. I knew a bail bondsman would charge about $200, and I didn't want to pay that because I would never get it back. I would have one of the girls go to the bank and pull $1,000 out of my account. I would pay the $1,000 bail and get out of jail. Then once the chemical tests had been performed on the medicine, the charges would be dropped and I would get the $1,000 back. I might even have a law suit against the authorities for wrongful arrest.

Now I didn't have to worry about that. However, I did think I needed to do something with the medicine so I wouldn't have to face the problem again. As I drove along, I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at it. When I asked the black girl what she wanted to do with the medicine, she indicated that she didn't need it anymore, that she was no longer sick, and that I could do whatever I wanted with it. I realized I really had no need to keep it, and perhaps the best thing would be to simply throw it away. I remembered that my pet Dalmatians Chaucer and Picasso had been taking some medicine for some rat poison which they had eaten, but I had stopped giving them the medicine after it was clear that they no longer needed it. Just like the dog medicine, there was no need for the girl to continue taking this medicine, and I might as well toss it out. Getting rid of it would be a relief.

With that thought, I rolled down my window and tossed the baggie out the window just as we passed a city park. I thought if someone found it, they would probably think they had found some marijuana. They would be disappointed when they tried the stuff and found it had no effects; but it was harmless so it didn't matter. I still had a few pieces of dried leaf in my pocket which I cleaned out and likewise threw out the window. I was glad to be completely rid of it.

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