Dream of: 20 November 1996 "Eggs And Ice-Cream"

Carolina and I had just arrived in Paris, and were being driven through the busy streets. Our trip had been hasty and unprepared, and I hadn't even brought any luggage with me. I knew I would now need to buy some luggage, even though it would cost much more in Paris. I spoke to Carolina about it. I made sure to speak only in French, as I was determined that as long as we were in France, Carolina and I would speak only French with each other. We spoke French well enough to communicate with each other, although we both needed a lot of practice.

Suddenly on our right, I saw a large construction area and I pointed it out to Carolina, telling her it was the new Louvre museum which I had heard was being built. I took pains to pronounce the word "Louvre" correctly, as it had always been a word which had confounded me. We both looked at the construction area, which consisted of several city blocks. Obviously the construction was in the early stage, and about the only thing we saw were a number of ponderous Doric columns which had been hewn from light-brown stone. Clearly the project would take many years to complete. I also noticed something else peculiar in the middle of the construction area: some pickup trucks which also had been carved from stone. I couldn't fathom the purpose of the trucks, and I marveled at how difficult it must have been to carve them out of a solid piece of rock.

Since we hadn't yet eaten anything, we decided to make that our first item of business, and we stopped at a small restaurant. Carolina sat down before I did, and by the time I had reached the table, she had already told a garcon what we wanted. Once I sat down, I confirmed with her that she had ordered ice cream, eggs, and a third item for me.

We waited for a while, continuing to talk with each other and practice our French. Carolina seemed content to be talking in French, although she seemed uncertain of the wisdom of our being in France. I tried to reassure her that this was where we needed to be, but she seemed dubious. I was probably not very convincing, for even I was uncertain of our future, and what we would do in Paris. I had long felt that this was where we belonged, but now that we were there, although I still felt we had made the right decision, our future seemed murky.

I was beginning to wonder if the waiter was ever going to bring our food. When he finally walked by, I signaled to him and he came to us. He was a tall black-haired fellow wearing a gray cotton suit. He rather condescendingly told us that the restaurant would soon be closing. I now realized it was getting close to 9 p.m., and I thought the place must close at nine. But it looked as if there was still time for us to eat. The waiter then went on to inform us that the restaurant had three different types of ice cream and he needed to know which one we wanted. He explained to us, in French, the three different types. I understood practically nothing he said about the three types of ice-cream, except that the first type had "bonbons" in it. So I picked that one and told us to bring us "le premiere." Having received the order, he walked away, and I turned my attention back to Carolina.

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