Dream of: 09 November 1996 "World War I"

Carolina and I were sitting in a room of the Gay Street House, the room on the ground floor on the Eighth Street side. The room was set up as an office with desk and chairs. Looking through the Eighth Street window, I could see people walking around outside. I felt threatened by the people, but I was somewhat comforted by the knowledge that I had a .38-caliber hand gun with me.

As Carolina and I were watching a television sitting in the corner of the room, I suddenly realized one person from outside had somehow gotten into the television and was on the screen as if he were in a television show. The man was probably in his early 40s, tall and thin, and neatly dressed. But I sensed something terribly threatening about the man. Perceiving danger, I picked up my gun and pointed it at the screen. I hesitated for a moment, then pulled the trigger. But the hammer just clicked and the gun didn't fire. I repeated again and again, but each time I achieved the same result. Finally, however, the gun discharged, and I could actually see the bullet flying through the air toward the television screen. The bullet smashed right into the middle of the screen, but the screen didn't break. I stood and looked at the screen in disbelief. I could see a simple hole right through the middle of the screen. I thought I must have ruined the television set; but a show was still on the screen.

However, the man was no longer on the television. Instead, to my amazement, the man was now standing in the room. He no longer seemed as threatening. Instead, he now seemed a bit loony, almost as if he were intoxicated. He looked at me and asked, "Did you ever wonder what World War One was? Where it was how it got started?"

I thought it was strange the way he had asked the question, the way he had said "what," because it didn't seem to me that World War I was a thing. But his second question seemed more normal.

The man then walked over to the large desk in the room and began looking inside it. I began thinking maybe I should hit him in the head and try to knock him out.

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