Dream of: 07 November 1996 "Bow Hunter"

I was standing in the living room of the House in Patriot, talking with my nephew Steven (10-11 years old). I had been thinking I was going to go deer hunting, and I was telling Steven of my intentions. He asked me what I was going to use to hunt, and I told him I planned to use bow and arrows, which I still had to buy. I told him I thought a bow and arrows should cost less than a gun, and he assured me they would cost less. He seemed knowledgeable on the subject. The only question left was what kind of bow I would buy. I was debating whether to buy a regular bow or a cross bow.


I was outside, in a heavily forested area, where I had encountered two men who had built a small cabin in which they were apparently staying for a while. I was planning to do something of the same kind. I already had my bow and arrows, and I planned to go off alone in the woods, build a small cabin, and live there for a while, perhaps for the whole winter. My intention was to live off the land during that time, eating only what I could find or kill in the forest.

These two men were apparently doing the same type of thing, and one had just carried in a large deer which he had killed.

Apparently they were going to skin the deer and turn the meat into jerky so it could last through the winter. I thought I should probably ask them how to prepare jerky, because if I were going to survive through the winter by myself I would need to know.

As I looked at the dead deer, it occurred to me that I was planning to do something which I adamantly opposed: hunting. It also occurred to me that Donna was a hunter, and that Donna's being a hunter was her trait which I most disliked. I wasn't sure she hunted deer, but I thought she probably did, and the idea that she would do such a thing had bothered me.

At the moment, however, the fact that Donna was a hunter seemed of little importance. Here I myself, an avowed anti-hunter, was already equipped with my bow and arrows, and was setting off to live off the land, and I felt no qualms that I would have to kill deer to do so. My only concerns were technical ones, such as making sure that the arrow hit hard enough to kill, and that I would be able to jerky the meat once I had it. Faced with the coming necessity of hunting to survive, all my reasons for not hunting seemed to have vanished.

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