Dream of: 04 November 1996 "Election Day"

I was watching a spectacular air battle between two groups of World War I vintage double-winged planes. What made the battle so awesome was the way the pilots were fighting: one side was simply ramming its planes into the planes on the other side. I didn't know the reason that this method was being used, although I did have some surmises. I thought that perhaps the side which was doing the ramming had run out of ammunition, and, at all costs, they had to protect a large group of soldiers on the ground. To me, the method the pilots had chosen seemed unbelievable. I couldn't imagine myself being brave enough to do such a thing. I watched as one pilot flew his plane straight at the enemy and then tipped it so that he was able to hit two planes at the same time, one with each wing, one above and one below. His wings were both broken off by the impact and the wingless fuselage of the plane careened toward the earth. I knew the pilots weren't equipped with parachutes, and it was difficult for me to imagine what it must now be like for the pilot to know that he was plummeting toward certain death. I tried to imagine myself in such a position, but I just couldn't do it.

Besides, what I was witnessing -- as vivid as it was -- didn't seem completely real; it was more as if I was simply imagining it, or watching it on television. And at the moment I had something else which I needed to start concentrating on: finding my voter registration card. I could hardly believe that it was already almost time for the presidential elections, but I knew the elections were going to take place the following day between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. I had voted in every presidential election since I was able to vote, and I didn't intend to miss this one. However, I was uncertain where I had put the orange voter registration card which I needed to take with me when I voted. I knew even if I couldn't find the card I would be able to vote without it, just by presenting my identification. But I would prefer to have the card, and I began looking through a large stack of papers where I thought I might have stuck the card.

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