Dream of: 26 October 1996 "Arrests"

I was in a plastic bluish-green container, about the size and design of a bathtub. I was doing something which I had thought of doing before, but had never done: going down a road on a rather steep hill in the container. Exhilarating! I sped along, picking up more and more speed, ever more anxious and excited by the danger of it all. I raced along until I reached the bottom of the hill, finally coming to a stop at a building such as might be found at a forest park.

The ride finished, I stood from my vehicle and found standing near me a group of fellows whom I recognized; Buckner and Walls were among them. We all walked into a little wooden building which looked as if it were part of a lodge in the park. I asked the others how fast they thought I had been moving. They said I had probably been traveling about 60 miles an hour. I mentioned that I had also sledded down the hill in the winter and I asked if anyone else had done so. Some had. I said in winter it was slicker and one could reach a curve which was further down the road. When the others said they had never been able to reach the curve, I myself began to doubt whether the curve could be reached.

One fellow in the room was holding a small glass jar of marijuana. When he lit a joint, I became nervous because I didn't know exactly where we were. I asked the fellow if it was ok to smoke here and he said it was; but I had the feeling he didn't really know. Nevertheless, when the fellow passed the joint around, I also smoked. I then asked him if he could sell me a joint and how much it would cost. He said a joint would cost $2. The fellow rolled up a joint for me, and Buckner pulled out his billfold as if he were going to pay for it; but I told him not to worry, that I would pay because he already had a joint.

A prudish woman (about 50 years old) wearing a big brown coat walked into the room and began sniffing the air. Only now did I notice the word "ARRESTS" written in capital letters over the door. The woman said she was going to get the judge. I thought of leaving the others without saying anything; but that wouldn't be right. Finally, all the other fellows and I hurried out of the room; but I saw there was going to be problems. Maybe we could say we hadn't been smoking, but had just smelt smoke in the room. As we left, I realized I still didn't have the joint which I had been trying to buy. However, I did have the joint we had been smoking I had crushed it in my hand when the woman had entered the room.

As we left, I noticed a brown paper sack with some bread, jelly and other food in it. I thought of grabbing a piece of bread.

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