Dream of: 18 October 1996 "Promises"

I was watching a news program or a documentary about John Lennon. The thrust of the story seemed to be that Lennon had had much difficulty writing songs in his last years. However, on the screen was a film clip of Lennon practicing a song with several other people, and I thought the song sounded quite well. Apparently he had had creative moments even in the midst of his declining abilities.

On the screen I saw Lennon with three other men, who I at first thought were The Beatles, but then I realized they weren't Beatles. One man was sitting at the drums, while Lennon and the other two, holding guitars, were standing at microphones. I noticed Lennon's hair was cut in a burr. I also noticed that one of the other men had his hair cut in a burr, and that he looked very much like Lennon. I thought that fellow might be Lennon's son, Julian Lennon.

I could hear music which sounded quite good, although I wasn't certain the fellows were playing it, or whether it was just recorded background music. But at a certain cue, all three guitar players stepped up to the microphones and sang the word, "Promises." Then they stood back while the music continued for a while. Then once again they would step up to the microphones and sing, "Promises." Their singing was quite good and blended well with the music. I thought this was probably one of the last songs which Lennon had written.

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