Dream of: 10 October 1996 "Third Leg"

I was lying on my back in a bed in a room in a high-rise hotel. Lying under the cover next to me on my left, on her back, was an attractive black-haired woman (probably in her late 20s). I had come to the hotel to meet my father, who was closing some kind of contract with which his attorney had helped him. I was supposed to meet my father at a designated place in the hotel, and it was almost time for me to meet him. However, I now was prepared to delay going to meet my father, in order to spend a little more time with this tantalizing woman. It wasn't quite clear how I had had the good fortune to end up here in bed with her; but now that we were here, I definitely wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

The woman likewise seemed more than interested to be with me. From the way she talked, I had the feeling that she wanted to have sex with me, and that she wanted to do it right now. I was more than ready to oblige, my only slight reservation caused by not understanding why such a beautiful woman would be so anxious to have sex with me. It was highly unusual for me to have such unexplained good luck. But I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, and I was ready to proceed.

Without further ado, the woman pulled the cover back, revealing her naked body. However, all my attention focused on her lower body, the sight of which was shocking: the woman had three legs. Right in the middle of her naked body, growing out of her pubic region, was a third leg. Now I understood why the woman was so willing to have sex with me: she was a deformed freak. She was probably starved for sex, unable to find anyone who would accommodate her, and she had seen an opportunity to lure me into her bed.

I was appalled. It appeared that her vagina must be on one side or the other of the middle leg, a leg which looked more rigid and deformed as I continued to look at it. The woman could clearly see my shock, but she also clearly wanted to proceed with the sex. I sat up on the side of the bed and as politely as I could told her I needed to hurry to my appointment and that I didn't have time to continue. Of course she saw right through my transparent excuse, and she began imploring me to stay. I began to worry that she might somehow try to force me, that she might have some means of which I was yet unaware to compel me to have sex with her. Perhaps I was in deeper than I had thought in this matter.

But she didn't stop me as I continued to dress. She only managed to make me feel guilty for so abruptly leaving her as I was doing. But the sight of the third leg was just too much. I could hardly even bring myself to say anything about it, even though it was obviously the main thing on both our minds. Finally however I mustered some courage and asked her if she had ever thought of having it removed. She had a hurt and angry look on her face as she told me it wasn't possible, implying that she would bleed to death if such an attempt were made.

Now I felt more guilty than ever. But I saw no recourse. I had finished dressing, and I quickly headed for the door.

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