Dream of: 08 October 1996 "Unusual Sight"

I was sitting in the back room of a house where a number of familiar people had gathered, as relatives will sometimes gather for a Sunday afternoon. From where I sat, I could look out a back window into a large green and sunny backyard surrounded by trees. But what immediately caught my attention was something right outside the window. To my amazement I saw a goldfish, perhaps eight centimeters long, floating in the air at the level of my eyes, only a few feet away. The fish was moving as if it were in water, swimming along through the air.

Excited by this extraordinary sight, I jumped up and raced to the back door, hopeful of reaching the outside before the fish disappeared, to get a closer look at it. But just as I burst through the door into the back yard, I saw the fish disappearing into a nearby tree. I just glimpsed it, but I saw that it no longer looked like a fish, but more like a bird. As I hurried toward the tree, a little girl (4-5 years old) joined me. I was glad to have her company, because I thought I would like to also point out the unusual animal to her.

When the girl and I reached the tree, once again I saw the animal, and once again it had changed. It wasn't exactly clear what kind of animal it was. At first it looked as if it was flying, but then I saw that it appeared to have the body of a large yellow cat climbing on the branches of the tree. I pointed out to the little girl how its legs looked like cats. But the strange thing was that the animal wasn't walking on its four legs. Instead it had some kind of long stick-like, jointed appendages which stuck out of the middle of its body, and it was walking on these stilt-like limbs. It was an amazing sight and I had never seen anything like it. I hoped the little girl would appreciate how unusual it was.

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