Dream of: 01 October 1996 "I Can't Wait"

As some other people and I were sitting and conversing in the room of a house, I looked out the window and noticed something odd: the house seemed to be floating in the air. To make certain, I stood and walked over to the window, from which I could clearly see that we were floating 10-15 meters off the ground. We were in a town, floating along a street with buildings on each side, and traffic below. Some of the cars, I noted, were also rising into the air, and from my window, I could see them floating not far from the house.

This was of course peculiar, but I thought I had an explanation: the house seemed made of rubber or plastic, and resembled the kind of large play rooms which can be found for children, the kind which have an air-filled floor on which to jump, where kids can romp around. This whole house was constructed in that fashion (although the floors were solid and I could walk on them), and I thought that the house, being light, had filled up with air, and thus was rising.

One woman who was sitting in the room with me had stood up and walked out into the hallway. Perceiving that she was going to leave, and for some reason being drawn to her, I followed her to the front door. Although the feeling was indistinct, I had the impression that another person was with her, an invalid who required the woman's care.

When the woman reached the front door, she stopped, so that I was standing right behind her. There was something about this woman which totally mesmerized me. She was probably in her late twenties and had brunette hair cut in a bang just above her eye brows. But now I was only looking at the back of her head, not daring to say anything to her, thinking she had taken no notice of me. She seemed far above the kind of woman who would give me any consideration.

So what a surprise when she turned around and began talking to me in the most amiable and familiar fashion, as if she felt the same way about me that I felt about her. She was almost as tall as I, and she looked straight into my eyes. Her pale cheeks were brilliantly offset by a rosy tinge. It was immediately clear that she was intelligent and well-educated, although she was dressed in a simple long flower-print dress. She seemed so perfect for me, someone like me, as if we were meant for each other.

She did all the talking and I just listened. She was explaining to me that she couldn't be with me on this night, but that she could see me the following day. She told me exactly where I could meet her and at what time. Although I was intensely excited at the prospect of being with her, I seemed frozen and unable to say anything. Finally, almost mechanically, I replied, "I can't wait."

I then put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. This was also strange, because although she seemed stiff, almost like a statue in my arms, I could nevertheless feel a tremendous emotional energy passing between us. The pleasure which I was feeling by holding her so close was interrupted only by one thought: Carolina.

The woman and I were now standing in the open doorway, down on the ground, and I could see people walking by on the sidewalks outside. Some of those people probably knew me, and some of them might also know Carolina. If they saw the woman and me together, the people would probably report the event to Carolina, whom I now realized was also in the house, in the room where I had first been sitting. Obviously if Carolina were to learn of this woman, complications would arise. Yet, I knew it was already too late. This woman I couldn't give up. I already felt deeply bonded to this woman, and although I didn't know how this would play out as far as Carolina was concerned, I knew I wouldn't stop seeing the woman.

The woman and I broke our embrace, separated, and stepped out of the doorway into the street. We both then walked off in separate directions through the crowded street. I quickly began looking around, trying to orient myself, to figure out where I was. I seemed more in an area like a mall than out on the street, although the buildings looked like those on a street. At any rate, the street had been closed off to traffic so that there were no cars, only people walking around in the busy thoroughfare.

I quickly became aware of several things: all the buildings contained fancy restaurants, all the people were well-dressed, and I was in a Spanish-speaking country, which seemed somewhat of a combination of Mexico and Spain. It was evening and as is the wont in Spain, people were bustling about the streets. I remembered how much better than Americans Spaniards seemed to dress when they went out on the streets, and I looked down to see what I was wearing. I surprised myself to see that I was wearing a blue sports jacket and a tie. That seemed strange, because I didn't remember wearing a sports jacket earlier. But in this environment I was glad I had it.

But I was still uncertain what I would do this evening. I knew I was glad to be where I was, and the thought occurred to me that I should be able to find a lady here with whom to pass the evening. I recalled that I had generally had much better success encountering women in Spanish-speaking countries than in the United States. With so many people here, it should be fairly easy to strike up an acquaintance with a young lady.

Another thought came to me. I seemed to recall that I had been to this city, which in some respects reminded me of Mexico City, many years ago. At that time my situation had been much more humble, and I had lived with a poor family in a small abode, perhaps made of adobe. However, although the family had been very poor, their home had been clean, and they had been happy. I myself had much enjoyed my stay with them, and it occurred to me that I could even now return to visit them. If I found a lady here tonight, I thought I might even be able to take her with me to visit the poor family. But I just as quickly discarded that idea. It was highly doubtful that any woman found in the opulent environment which surrounded me would appreciate being taken to the home of a poor family, however friendly and happy the family might be.

As I continued walking past the restaurants, I noticed something else: every restaurant seemed to have live music. It was quiet, soothing music, Spanish music, with a different sound coming from each restaurant, all mixing together in a pleasant swirl. The front of each restaurant was open, like the stores in a mall, so that I could look into each one as I passed, and see all the people sitting at their tables inside. As I passed one restaurant, I saw an empty table, and I thought I could just go in there, maybe order a glass of wine, and sit and listen to the music. The night would take its course.

But I walked on through the crowded streets. Looking down in front of me, I saw something shiny, about the size of a dime, lying on the ground. Without stopping I bent over, intending to scoop up the sliver coin as I passed it. But to my dismay, as I touched it, I discovered that the piece of metal was actually something like a metal rivet which was attached to the fancy sidewalk. I now noticed there was a whole line of the rivets, and I felt like an imbecile for having bent over like that. I knew some people were walking directly behind me, and I thought how cheap I must have appeared to them. I quickened my step, hoping to lose myself in the crowd from anyone who had seen my humiliating act.

But now I noticed something even more disconcerting: I was no longer wearing my blue sports jacket. Instead, now I was wearing a long white tee shirt which hung down half way between my waist and my knees. What was worse, it was all wrinkled, obviously un-ironed. I tired to remember what had happened to my jacket. I didn't remember having taken it off and laid it down anywhere. I couldn't figure it out. All I knew now was that I looked like a typical tee-shirted American among all these well-dressed Spaniards.

As I stopped for a moment, the most pleasant strain of music came through the air. It was a typical Spanish love song, one which I thought I recognized. But I couldn't seem to recognize the kind of musical instrument being played, until I looked around, and saw right in the middle of the thoroughfare, a man sitting at a piano. I was completely riveted as he began singing. The first words of the song seemed to be, "Despues que te conocia ...."

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