Dream of: 24 September 1996 "Supernatural Force"

I was playing poker with a couple other people, one of whom was Stevens. I hadn't seen Stevens in many years (I first met Stevens in the seventh grade of junior high school in 1965) and he was now an adult. I recalled that Stevens had been quite the juvenile delinquent when I had known him, and I wondered whether, now that he was an adult, he had changed much. I specifically remembered that he used to cheat at games which we had played together, and I wondered if he might now be cheating at our card game. In fact it occurred to me that he might be a professional gambler and that I was his mark for this game. I had already pulled out a couple hundred dollar bills with which to play the game, and I thought he might have his greedy eyes set upon them.

The method of betting was rather convoluted. It seemed as if we were all locked up together somewhere, perhaps in a prison, and we only had the most rudimentary tools for conducting our game. Since we had no poker chips, a complex system was used for each participant in the game to place money in a box, which money would be divided up at the end of the game. Each person's take would be decided by keeping score of each hand to determine how many points each player had when the playing would be finished.


I was thinking that I needed to get me a pack of playing cards and learn how to handle them. I even began imagining having a brand new pack in my hand and shuffling them for the first time. The backs of the cards were solid white. As I shuffled them I managed to bend them and I was concerned that I might have permanently damaged them. I needed to be more careful with them, and learn as many tricks with them as I could.


I had finished playing cards with a small group of people and an old decrepit man who could hardly get around had won the hand. In this game we were using actual playing cards, although they were quite small. As part of the prize the old man who won was supposed to be given a deck of cards. As he stood to leave, I asked a man still sitting at the table if the old man could have his deck of cards. The fellow said the old man could have the cards, but that the deck would have to be separated out from the cards which we had been using, which consisted of two decks of cards shuffled together. What was more, the two decks were composed of cards from many different decks with different designs on their backs. Although only enough cards were used to make two different decks, I realized if a person were to simply memorize which design belonged to which card, it would be possible to know what was in another person's hand. Thus, having this deck of cards would have its drawbacks. However, at this point, it would be good to have any cards, even if they had different designs on their backs.


As I was walking out of the room, I saw a short blonde woman (about 30 years old) who I thought had also been playing cards in the room. But now I realized this woman hadn't been playing cards at all. She had been working on some kind of serious project which involved tapping into some kind of supernatural powers. Only now did I recall that I had been working with the woman and I had forgotten about the project. I walked over toward her and tried to put my arm around her. Her head only came up to my chest. She took my gesture the wrong way, as if I were trying to make a pass at her, and she stepped coldly back. I wasn't trying to be fresh, but I could understand how she would misinterpret my action since I had a history of concentrating too much on the physical where women were concerned.

Without even speaking to me, she walked over to a monitor for a television or computer, and turned something on so that a picture showed up on the monitor. She was extremely serious, almost as if she had been through some alarming soul-changing event. And suddenly as I looked at the monitor, I also became alarmed. On the monitor was a scene of a room, similar to the one in which we were standing. Several people were standing in the room displayed on the monitor. Suddenly large brown pieces of something like brown leaves or dirt or manure simply started falling in the room. It started on one side of the room and cut a swath about six feet wide as it proceeded across the room, covering people as it passed over them. I couldn't tell for sure whether the people were injured, but it was evident that everyone was terrified and indeed it looked as if some people might have been injured. I looked aghast at the monitor, and all I could say was "What in the hell?"

The blonde, who now seemed to have brunette hair, turned to another monitor. By now I was getting the picture of what had been going on. I also now remembered that I was indeed part of this project dealing with this supernatural force, but that I had put my participation in the project out of my mind and I hadn't been thinking about it. Obviously the same wasn't true for this woman. She was completely involved in it. And she had already come to realize what I only now was beginning to see: that we were dealing with something extremely dangerous.

The scene on the second monitor was much more dramatic. Several men and women were sitting as couples in a line of chairs, one couple in front of the other. Suddenly the women jumped up, obviously possessed by the supernatural power. One woman began glowing like an incandescent light. Another oriental-looking woman began tearing off her clothes, as if she were burning up. A third woman looked as if she were tearing her breasts off, but I couldn't see her well because her back was to me. I was aghast. I now realized this power could strike at will anyone who was trying to contact it and simply destroy the person. The power could even strike me or the woman with me right here, right now. The thought was extremely alarming to me. It was at once apparent to me that the woman had already made this realization, and that was why she was now so serious. All the people on the screen had been her friends who had been working with her on this project. No one seemed to know why the force only struck down certain people, but allowed others to go on. I knew I didn't have a clue. I only knew the woman and I hadn't yet been struck down. Along with that I knew one other thing: what we were doing couldn't be any more serious. Somehow up until now I had been spared, but I saw I couldn't waste any more time playing games. I had to concentrate on this force. And I knew there was no turning back. If I were going to survive, this required my most concentrated attention.

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