Dream of: 23 September 1996 (2) "Brain Of Spiderman"

I had walked into a second hand book store and had gone to a gray metal circular rack (the kind that would hold comic books or magazines) which was sitting in a front corner of the store. At the bottom of the rack was a tray on which were stacked 30-40 LP record albums. As I picked up the albums and began looking through them, I noticed that they had all been wrapped in cellophane so that I was unable to actually take the records out of the jacket and look at them to see their condition. But it didn't much matter since I saw that the price of the albums was $4 apiece, which was more than I was willing to pay for these ordinary albums. After cursorily looking through them I set them back on the tray.

Besides, I had been having trouble looking at the albums because another fellow had walked up and was turning the rack to look at the comic books on the upper part of the rack. I became interested in what he was doing when I noticed him taking some copies of the "Human Torch."

I thought I might have been interested in those copies if this fellow hadn't already taken them. But then I noticed there were stacks of comics on a shelf behind me, and I saw some more comics and magazines in a long box sitting on the floor.

I first started going through the box, thinking I might be able to find some copies of "Mad" magazine. I didn't see any copies of "Mad," but I did see some copies of the comic "Captain America," only they were in magazine form. I thought I might be interested in buying those.

I then began going through the stacks of comics on the shelf. I flipped through them quickly, looking at the logos in the top left hand corners, until I saw some oval red circles with black web-like lines in them – the logo for "Spiderman." I was definitely interested in those, Spiderman being by favorite comic character. I picked out several copies of "Spiderman" and "The Amazing Spiderman" and laid them to the side. One comic particularly interested me. It was called "The Brain of Spiderman." I had never heard of this comic before and I wondered what it would be about. Was it somehow going to describe the thoughts and images which went through Spiderman's head? I didn't know, but I was sure that I wanted that comic in particular.

I saw that the retail price on the comics was sixty five cents for the United States and sixty cents for Canada. I looked around for a sign to see how much they would cost, and finally saw a sign which said that the price was half of the retail price. I thought that was an excellent price for the comics I had found. I hoped when I got to the counter I wasn't told there was a minimum of 50 cents for comics. I would probably still pay because the comics were worth it; but I hoped I would just have to pay half of the 65 cents for each one.

Yet another fellow walked in and began looking at comics. He had a friendly but somewhat cretin look on his face. I thought it was a typical face for someone who read comics, although I knew my face was nothing like that. I had a much more stern serious face, a face which reflected the serious way I was flipping through the boxes and stacks of comics, searching for the ones I wanted.

A woman who worked in the store walked by me and gave me a somewhat mean look because as I had been looking through the comics, I had spread some of them out on the floor. But I thought her look was unfair because there was a lot of other junk lying around on the floor – an old green army bag which I had picked up and laid to the side, as well as some old brown cloth gloves. It looked as if someone had been working on something there and had just left the junk lying around. I picked up the comics which I had spread about, put them in a neat stack and set them against the wall. As I put the comics down, I noticed a bunch of cassette tapes stacked on a shelf, but they didn't interest me.

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