Dream of: 23 September 1996 "In The Basement"

I had found some old magazines which belonged to my mother, and, leafing through them, I thought I saw some pictures of scantily-dressed women such as are found in department store catalogs. Since it appeared that my mother had put the magazines together so she could throw them out, I gathered them up and quickly headed down the wooden stairs to the basement. I walked over to a white washer and dryer sitting along one wall of the basement and placed the magazines on the top. I then pulled down my pants, and as I began leafing through the magazines, I began masturbating. However, I was having trouble finding the pictures for which I was looking. I did notice some pictures of some Barbie dolls, but those were hardly sufficient for my purposes, even though the Barbies were rather cute. I could hardly imagine, however, masturbating to a picture of a Barbie doll.

Suddenly I heard something behind me and turned around to see my sister (abut 15 years old) walking down the stairs. I frantically tried to pull up my pants and hide the magazines; but it was too late, she was already at the bottom of the stairs and looking at me. I turned around toward her and candidly admitted I had been masturbating. But I laid some of the blame on her, because although she and I sometimes fooled around sexually, I never actually had an orgasm when I was with her. I immediately decided it was time that I had an orgasm with her, and I led her over to another corner of the basement. She was standing right in front of me and I told her I wanted her to "suck" me. I hesitated to use the word "suck" since the word seemed a little strong. But she didn't seem to mind, and she immediately bent down and stuck my penis in her mouth.

She seemed to have no qualms whatsoever about what she was doing. I was certainly enjoying it. But suddenly I heard something and looked up to the top of the steps. There on the top steps, I could see a pair of feet clad in white slip-on tennis shoes; I immediately knew they belonged to my mother. I pushed my sister back, and began pulling up my pants. I ducked down behind something and managed to get my pants buttoned. But my pants were still unzipped and my belt was still undone and hanging down. My mother called out to me and asked me what I was doing. I called back that I had dropped something on the floor and that I was looking for it. Apparently my mother hadn't seen my sister and me together; but she might be able to figure out what we were doing if she came all the way down the stairs and saw that my belt was undone and my pants were unzipped. I stayed down on my knees on the floor, pretending that I was looking for something, hoping my mother wouldn't come all the way down the stairs.

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