Dream of: 17 September 1996 "Turn, Turn, Turn"

I was in a classroom which looked exactly like the room in which I had taken my English classes in 1966-1967 at Grant Junior High School. A woman who resembled my high school history teacher, Mary Krausz (who had been in her 60s when I had been in high school), was conducting the class. Class hadn't yet begun, and the teacher hadn't yet arrived. Only four or five students were standing around the room, which seemed devoid of chairs, leaving us space to walk.

The teacher had previously given us an assignment due today. Even though I felt pressured by the assignment, I had found the assignment quite interesting, and I was glad the teacher had come up with the idea. The teacher had picked out popular songs, stretching back into the 1950s, and had assigned a song to each student. Each student was supposed to memorize his or her song, and be prepared to sing it.

My song was a Beatles song, the title of which was "Come. Come. Come." Although I had thought I knew the song, I now realized I had completely forgotten both the lyrics and the music for the song. I racked my brain, trying to recall how the song went; but I simply couldn't remember.

As I tried to figure out where I could locate the lyrics, I recalled some interlocking puzzles, which when worked, displayed pictures which corresponded to the lyrics of the songs. I now noticed some puzzle pieces scattered around on the floor of the room, and a few puzzle pieces looked as if they had been chewed on. I wondered if it were possible that my pet Dalmatian Picasso or my pet Dalmatian Chaucer might have snooped into the puzzle boxes and started chewing on the puzzles.

I continued looking for the puzzles until finally I discovered two, already worked, lying on a small table at the side of the room. When I walked over to the puzzles and picked up one, I realized the puzzle was not only falling apart in my hand, but that it contained the pictures for lyrics for a song given to another student, not the song given to me. I quickly signaled to a girl in the room who I thought had been assigned the song for this particular puzzle. She walked over and I handed the puzzle to her.

Being at Grant brought back memories. I thought about my former female classmates, Barbara, Williams and Myers (in my mind, Myers resembled Monica, another former classmate), and I wondered why I had never tried to get to know any of them when we had been in school together. I might have asked Myers to help me with my homework. Of course they had always seemed much less wild than my crowd, but I could have visited the girls occasionally; I could simply have refrained from smoking or drinking alcohol around them. Then, after my visits, I could have returned to my normal crowd. I did recall that Lenora and Rhonda (both of whom had been a grade behind me) had developed crushes on me during junior high school, but I had spurned them. Now I realized Lenora and Rhonda had wanted to become intimate with me, but I hadn't tried anything with either of them.

My thoughts returned to my song. I finally found a book with some information about the Beatles; but I couldn't find the lyrics of my song in the book. As I looked through the index for the word "come," I noticed the word "cum," and I wondered if the Beatles ever used this word in a song.

I kidded one fat girl, asking her if she knew her song yet. I recited her song, with a cigarette butt in my mouth, like a beatnik. Thoroughly enjoying myself, I told the girl that since some of the songs had come from the beatnik period of the 1950s, the songs should be sung as such. Even though I was enjoying myself, I was worried because I still couldn't remember how my song went. I wondered if my song sounded like the Byrds' song, "Turn, Turn, Turn." Maybe the tune was the same. 

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