Dream of: 16 September 1996 (2) "Tree Top"

My father and I were in a densely forested area, standing in a shelter built on a level spot on the side of a hill, the kind of shelter with a roof and concrete floor, but no walls. We were engaged in some kind of work which seemed to consist of simply standing and surveying the surrounding trees, among which some men seemed to be working on something.

Without my father noticing, I slipped away from him, stole over to his car (parked nearby), and got in. I started the car up and slowly drove past the shelter, watching my father to see if he noticed me: he didn't. Once out of his sight I relaxed, concentrated on my driving, and turned my attention to a passenger sitting in the front seat with me: a pretty blonde (probably not more than 20 years old). In fact, although I realized I was actually traveling on a mountain road, heading downhill, and having some difficulty driving and controlling the car, most of my attention was focused on the blonde, and my main desire was to find a secluded spot somewhere off in the trees where I could park and we could get to know each other better – much better.

But somewhere along the way down the mountain, I began to realize we were actually on a bicycle, with the girl sitting behind me. The fact that I was riding a bicycle became prominent in my mind because I realized that if I were having difficulty going down the mountain, how was it going to be when I started trying to peddle the bicycle back up the mountain? Finally seeing a gravel road veering off to the right, I pulled onto it, and at the same time asked the blonde if she knew anything about the gears on a bicycle. I knew the bicycle we were on had two or three gears, but I didn't know anything about bicycle gears and I didn't even know if I had been using the right one. I didn't even know whether I should be using the small gear or the large gear, and I asked the girl if she knew which one was best; but she didn't seem to know much about it either.

We only went a short ways up the gravel road when I saw where it led: a large beautiful lake, shrouded in fog and tall green pine trees, stretched out on our left. This scene was so amazing to me; it seemed exactly the type of place where I would like to settle down and live: off in the forest, next to a mountain lake. And to my surprise, on my right, stood a cottage with a "For Sale" sign in the yard. I pointed the house out to the blonde, wondering if it were open and if we could go inside and look around. But then I saw a black car or jeep parked in the open garage, and I just kept riding, thinking someone must be home, and I didn't want to bother them.

We only continued for about another hundred meters before the road came to an end at a ramshackle house at the end of the lane. Seeing that someone was in this house, I quickly turned around and headed back toward the house which was for sale. When I reached it again, I stopped and again looked wistfully at the house. I thought about exactly where I was. I knew I was somewhere in Europe, possibly Germany, and that I wasn't far from Switzerland. I knew I wanted to settle down permanently in Switzerland, but I also thought this place was close enough, and I could be happy living here. However I doubted that I had enough money to buy this house right at the moment. I thought the house must be terribly expensive, not because it was such a great house in itself, but because the location was excellent.

As we stood in front of the house, I could see someone inside, a black-haired man with a mustache. I thought he must be the owner and not wanting to talk with him at the moment, I turned to leave.

Before we could move, however, I took another look out toward the lake, and something unusual caught my attention. Right on the shore of the lake, not far from us, stood several extremely tall pine trees. I heard a sudden explosion and saw one pine tree starting to fall. But then, looking closer, I saw that just the top part of the pine tree, perhaps the top eight meters, had broken off, and that it was falling to the ground. Amazed, I watched as the top of the tree hurtled down and crashed to the ground.

Looking back up toward the top of the tree I could now see two or three men scurrying around in the branches. They were extremely agile and quick, racing along the branches almost like squirrels. Obviously they had planted some kind of explosive in the top of the tree and had blown the top off. It appeared that they must have some obvious reason for doing this, but I simply couldn't figure out what it would be. It didn't make any sense that they would blow off the top of a tree like that; but apparently, from the way they were moving around the tree, they knew what they were doing.

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