Dream of: 14 September 1996 "Flowers In The Bedroom"

A woman came to visit me and stay for a while in house where I was living. She was probably in late 50s but she seemed strong and healthy and in excellent physical shape. We were in the living room together. She was dressed in a tasteful black dress. I was sitting on couch. She used to be my English teacher years ago when I had been in public school. I had two paintings which I had somehow acquired from her years ago lying on couch. I was looking at them, noting how although the scenes were different, the paintings were similar because the colors of the paints were identical. Light blue was the most used color.

The night before I had put a vase of flowers in the woman's room for her. The woman now brought up a piece of writing which I had done. I was unsure if I had done it recently or long ago when she had been teaching me. In the writing I had talked about the symbolism of leaving flowers for a woman in her bedroom. I had spoken of this action as having a meaning of strong passionate feelings. As the woman talked about what I had written, I felt slightly embarrassed because I indeed did feel this way and I had had such feelings when I had left the flowers for the woman. Now she obviously knew how I felt about her. She didn't seem to mind, but it seemed very odd to me that I would be have passionate feelings for a woman as old as she was, even if she did appear to be in excellent shape. However, I couldn't deny that I felt a strong physical attraction for her.

My mother walked into the room and announced that it was time to go eat; we were going to go out to a restaurant. I told them I wasn't quite ready, that I needed 5 more minutes to shave. Besides, I told them it wasn't quite 7 o'clock yet and we had agreed not to leave until 7.

I got up and went into the bathroom and began shaving. As I was looking at myself in the mirror I was also able to see through a window into the back yard and saw that the woman had gone out there and was walking around. I also noticed that I had a small pimple on the left corner of my left eye. I began squeezing – not wanting the woman to see. I thought I would quickly squeeze the pimple, but when I began squeezing, a large amount of pus just kept coming and coming until it was almost the size of a golf ball. It was extremely disgusting. I had never seen anything like it. I hoped the woman didn't see.

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