Dream of: 13 September 1996 "Tandy"

Saturday morning, before 11 a.m., I was in my room studying for an exam which I was going to take on Monday. A woman (probably in her 30s) was in the room with me, and she was also going to be studying for the exam. I told the woman we could study for about an hour, and then we could go to lunch. She seemed to think that would be fine, and she seemed to leave it up to me how we would proceed.

Being alone in my room with the woman reminded me of a fantasy I had had about meeting a woman whom I knew. In my fantasy, the woman whom I knew had a sister. The woman's sister had a crush on me, but I didn't care for the sister. It was the woman herself whom I liked. In my fantasy, the woman, wearing a red dress, had come to me after class. I hadn't realized before just how attractive, in a sedate mature way, the woman was. I also now realized the woman of my fantasy very much resembled the woman who was in fact now sitting here and studying with me. In my fantasy, when the woman in the red dress had come to me after class I had embraced her and held her in my arms. While I had been holding the fantasy woman, the sister of the woman had walked up on the outside of the window where we were and had seen us. But I hadn't let go of the woman, and I knew I was going to have to tell the sister that I was in love with the woman in my arms.

Returning to reality, I began concentrating again on my studying. The main part of the exam scheduled for the following Monday was going to be an essay about a book which I was supposed to have read. I had already read almost half the book, which had a yellow dust cover, and I picked it up to again began reading it. I only read a short ways, before I came across a word which I didn't understand: tandy." I knew I needed to understand the meaning of the word, because the last name of the author of the book was also "Tandy." I knew I had heard of someone before by that name: the actress Jessica Tandy. In fact, it vaguely seemed that Jessica Tandy might even be the author of my book. But I hadn't known before that "tandy" was actually a word other than a proper name.

I began leafing through a large gray-backed dictionary to look for the word. I hoped my leafing through the dictionary wasn't disturbing the woman there with me; when I looked at her she didn't seem to be bothered. I began looking for the word, but I had an extremely difficult time finding it. I went to the "s" words and then flipped back to the "w" words, then back and forth, not able to find the "t" section. Finally I realized what part of the problem was: the dictionary had a supplemental section at the back which contained a short listing in alphabetical order of brand new words in the English language. I knew words were constantly being added to the language, and it occurred to me that I should later return to the supplement to use it as a source for new words.

But right now I needed to find the word "tandy" and I kept looking until I was finally able to locate it. However I still had problems because as I read the definition, I had difficulty understanding what it said. I had to concentrate. It was at least clear that the word had several meanings. One definition described the word as an adjective used to describe sharp or biting or acerbic language. Another definition described the word as a noun meaning someone who belonged to some kind of organization such as a medieval guild. There was yet another meaning, but none of the meanings were clear or made much sense to me.

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