Dream of: 12 September 1996 "Dominoes"

I was sitting at a table, with a swarthy heavy-set fellow sitting on the other side of the table. The fellow had an accent and I concluded he was from India. We were playing a game of dominoes, a game which I was clearly winning. The other fellow, obviously frustrated by how poorly he was playing, finally began complaining that the game wasn't fair because the dominoes were being placed in positions so that they were easier for me to read than for him. Apparently he thought all the dots on the dominoes were arranged like writing on a page, and that the pages were turned in my direction, but upside down to him. He began picking up some of the dominoes and turning them around so that they would be placed, according to his theory, sideways to both of us, with the top to my right side and the bottom to my left side. I really didn't understand his problem, since only dots had been on the dominoes to begin with, and I didn't think it made any difference which way they faced. But I thought he might have some kind of point, so even though he was messing up the board, I said nothing as he rearranged the dominoes.

However, as he moved the dominoes around, he began stacking some of the dominoes on top of each other, so it wasn't possible to see the dominoes on the bottom. I pointed this out to him; he seemed even more confused and frustrated, but insisted that the dominoes must be placed the way he wanted them. Finally I told him to just turn all the dominoes around so they would be facing him, that it didn't make any difference to me, that I just wanted to finish the game. But instead of doing that he suddenly just began mixing all the dominoes together. Obviously he was conceding defeat.

But now he wanted to play another game. I hesitated, thinking I was wasting a lot of time playing games when I had more important things I needed to be doing. I enjoyed dominoes, but I was feeling some pressure in my head which was telling me I needed to be doing something else. It was a kind of pressure I had often felt before, a kind of painful feeling which I recognized. I knew the feeling meant that I needed to be working with my mind, to be thinking, instead of playing a game. I didn't like the feeling, but at the same time I was glad I had it because I knew it was a signal that I was ready to start seriously thinking and working on something.

However, I thought I would play just one more game, but no more. I helped the fellow shuffle the dominoes. Some orange pieces were mixed in with them, like pieces from a toy Lego set. I was uncertain whether the pieces would interfere with our game.

As I began picking up the pieces, I recalled this fellow was also a member of the dream group with whom I had been exchanging dreams on the Internet. It occurred to me that the fellow wasn't taking much part in the dream group lately. I thought it might be because he was spending too much time playing games like dominoes. Wanting to know what he was thinking about the dream group, I asked, "How do you think our dream group is going?"

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