Dream of: 07 September 1996 "Hunted Run"

I was sitting in the living room of a home which appeared to belong to one of my parents, and it vaguely seemed as if my parents were also sitting in the room, but my attention was focused on a man sitting on a couch on the other side of the room: Judge McGuire. I knew judge McGuire. was a bankruptcy judge in Dallas, and that I had often been before him in his courtroom. However, I had never really gotten to know the man, and I certainly had never sat down in a living room and had a conversation with him. Thus it seemed particularly strange to see him here.

Scrutinizing him, I realized how strong and healthy he seemed to be and in what good physical shape he was. Unlike many judges who grow soft and flabby, McGuire appeared to have kept himself in superb shape. He was probably approaching sixty, with his black hair starting to gray; nevertheless he seemed in the prime of life.

I was also surprised to see him dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a casual shirt, far different from the black robe in which I was accustomed to seeing him. He seemed relaxed, and I saw that he had picked up a book and was reading it. I knew the book was an ordinary school text book on mathematics, and I seemed to recall that McGuire was going to start teaching mathematics. In fact I now remembered that McGuire had given up his job as a judge so he could pursue this new teaching career. Obviously he was quite an intelligent person, if he could enjoy reading a book of mathematics. I knew that I myself had delved a bit into the book and had discovered that I could learn quite a bit about mathematics simply by reading and trying to understand the concepts, without spending a lot of time working problems. I had found the reading quite stimulating, and so I could somewhat relate to McGuire as he sat there reading.

I finally broke the ice and asked him a question. He seemed reticent but friendly, and he responded to me. I continued the conversation, trying to learn more about what he was doing. He mentioned the city of Sweetwater, and I asked him if he was going to move there. He told me no, that he was planning to move to Little Rock and begin teaching there, but he also mentioned the name of another city which he had recently visited where he had gone on some kind of excursion called a "hunted run."

I was intrigued by this and I asked him more about the "hunted run." From his description I had the feeling that he had gone to a desert-like area, shrouded in fog, to hunt some kind of animal, but he corrected me, explaining that he had been in a desert-like, foggy area, but that he hadn't been hunting an animal; he had been hunting for himself.

He went into a little detail about how the "hunted run" worked and how a person hunted for himself, but it was very unclear to me. All I was able to gather was that it was a little-known event in a small town. It wasn't a normal festival-type of event common in so many small towns where people just go to have a good time. This event apparently was attended by only a few people who were interested in finding themselves, whatever that meant.

It seemed like a strange concept, the "hunted run," and it seemed like a lot of trouble; but I thought I might be interested in it. McGuire had already returned to his reading, and I wasn't sure he wanted to discuss it further; but I thought I would try to get some more information from him.

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