Dream of: 02 September 1996 "Was Christ A Hypocrite?"

My wife Carolina and I were sitting close together on the passenger side of the front seat of a car. Several other people were sitting to our left in the crowded front seat, and although we were speeding down the highway, no one seemed to be driving. I did not even see a steering wheel. Instead I just saw the other people sitting off to my left in a long seat, much longer than a normal front seat of a car.

Down at the end of the seat, where the steering wheel should have been, a woman who was the center of attention was talking. She almost seemed like a radio talk-show host, and as well as I could tell, she was taking calls about spirituality and spiritual matters. I half listened with a skeptical ear as she described how spirits could travel through space as beams of light. This seemed far-fetched to me, when suddenly, the most amazing thing happened to me. As I was sitting there, a beam of light came toward my face and shot right past my head. In fact, the light almost seemed to pass right through my head. It was not like a normal beam of light, because I could actually see it pass, although it was extremely fast – something like a ray of lightening flashing across the sky, but it did not look like lightning. Although it had no body to it, it was about the size of a baseball – a little packet of light which shot by my head like lightning.

I either closed my eyes or just blanked out, because I began having an image of being out in black outer space, with little balls of light flying around randomly, like racket balls flying off the walls in every direction. But what I was thinking about as I watched the light, was how I wanted to be sure to tell Donna Griffiths, Duncan Barford and John Jacobs (people with whom I had been exchanging dreams on the Internet) about this experience. These randomly-moving packets of spirit-lights seemed quite relevant to what we had been doing with our group. I began to imagine what it would be like if three or four of these light packets could come together and move alongside each other in the same direction. It was quite a powerful image, as I could see how by moving together, in a bundle, the light seemed much brighter than the individual light beams by themselves. This image and this idea seemed to fit in perfectly with our dream group, and I began talking to myself in my mind, thinking about what I would say to the others in the dream group, about how we could join and travel on together "forever and ever."

Just as the words "forever and ever" passed through my mind, however, I began snapping out of my reverie. I suddenly realized just how corny this whole idea sounded, and how I was just making the whole thing up in my mind. What woke me up was the idea of being bound to these other people "forever and ever." That was really just too much. I did not feel as if I wanted to be with anyone "forever and ever," and I imagined the other members of my dream group felt the same way.

A woman was still talking down at the driver's side of the front seat, still sounding as if she were a radio talk show host; however I was not sure whether it was the same woman talking, or another woman. The subject was still spirituality, and I heard her say something to the effect that Christianity was a hypocrisy.

Although I agreed with this thought, I was convinced that this woman did not know what she was talking about. Since she was now taking questions, I decided to ask her a question to test my belief. However as soon as I began asking the question, a woman on my left also began asking a question. We both stopped at the same time, and then we both began asking our questions again. Again we stopped, and yet a third time we began to ask our questions, but this time, when the woman stopped, I did not stop, but asked my complete question. I asked, "Are you saying that Christianity is a hypocrisy, or that Christ was a hypocrite?"

By this question I hoped to trap the woman. I was in complete agreement that modern Christianity was a hypocrisy. However I did not feel the same way about Christ. In fact I admired Christ, and I most definitely did not think that Christ had been a hypocrite. I did not think the woman, however, would make a distinction. If she thought Christianity was a hypocrisy, she would most likely answer that Christ was also a hypocrite. I knew if she did say Christ was a hypocrite, it would prove, at least to me, that she did not know what she was talking about.

Instead of answering my question, however, the woman asked the other woman sitting next to me to ask her question. The woman answering the questions, then simply ignored my question and concentrated on the other woman's question. Carolina looked at me in a puzzled way, as if I should say something to the woman, to demand my question be answered. I told Carolina not to worry about it, that the woman was an obvious nut, and that it did not make any difference what the woman said.

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